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11/23/2021  San Diego International Airport Offers Tips for Holiday Travel

San Diego International Airport (SAN) wants you to be prepared before arriving at the airport during this holiday season. SAN is offering the following travel tips to ensure a safe and seamless journey: 

11/22/2021  A New Option to Get to the Airport from Old Town Transit Center

The San Diego International Airport (SAN) is celebrating the launch of the “San Diego Flyer,” a free to customers electric shuttle bus service between the airport and Old Town Transit Center. The electric shuttle buses operate seven days a week, with an average arrival every 20 to 30 minutes. 

11/16/2021  Local artist dials up the sunshine in Terminal 2

Nothing makes hurried passengers stop and smile quite like bumping into a bright, beautiful work of art on their way through the terminals (except for maybe our therapy dogs but that’s a high bar). Don’t miss our two new San Diego themed murals by local artist Sarah Tate next time you’re at SAN.

10/14/2021  Traveling abroad? Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you want to fly down the slopes of Marmot Basin or fly away to London for high tea this winter, we have good news. A few of our most popular international flights have returned, including service to Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Japan. Here’s what you need to know about international flights from SAN.

9/29/2021  SAN Receives $25.9 Million in Federal Grants for Quieter Home Program

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is located in the middle of a bustling downtown area making it in proximity to many homes and businesses. Locals around the airport often refer to a brief pause taken when outside as the “Point Loma pause,” due to aircraft departing or approaching the airport causing loud aircraft noise to fill the air.

9/28/2021  SAN Participates in White House Roundtable on Sustainable Aviation

San Diego International Airport (SAN) under the ownership of San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (Airport Authority) is recognized as a leader in environmental and sustainable practices. The Airport Authority instituted one of the first sustainability policies for a major airport in the U.S. 

9/23/2021  From Resiliency to Recovery: 2020-2021 Sustainability Report

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (Airport Authority) has released our 2020-2021 Sustainability Report which can be viewed at The Sustainability Report serves as a useful barometer for San Diego International Airport’s (SAN) relationship to the environment, the traveling public, its stakeholders, and the greater San Diego community.

9/21/2021  The SAN Arts Program Presents: Make Yourself at Home

San Diego International Airport’s (SAN) Arts Program is happy to unveil of the Make Yourself at Home exhibition located throughout Terminal 2 pre-and-post security.

9/8/2021  Join us for Coastal Cleanup Day on September 18

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority cares about the environment and our community. That’s why we partner with I Love a Clean San Diego (ILACSD) to participate and encourage participation in their clean-up days. This year, Coastal Cleanup Day is September 18, and the Airport Authority is rallying employees, partners, and the community to join our cleanup group! 

8/31/2021  SAN Receives FAA Grant to Purchase Electric Charging Stations

Ground support equipment, or GSE, is used to serve aircraft between flights. If you’ve ever looked out the plane window while the plane is still parked at the gate, you’ve seen GSE methodically moving around the tarmac and plane, facilitating various services like cargo and passenger baggage loading and unloading, and pushing the airplane back from the gate. GSE is a very important part of airport and airline operations as it helps ensure everything that is needed to get the plane back in the sky is accomplished in a safe and timely manner.  

8/30/2021  O, Canada

O, Canada, “The Great White North.” Spanning 3.86 million square miles, our neighbor to the north is home to amazing sights, sounds, sports, food, and people. If you’ve ever enjoyed maple syrup, it likely came from Canada as they produce more than half of the world’s supply of it. Canada has some of the best locations to view the Northern Lights depending on the season. And sports, well ice hockey keeps Canadians busy all year long.

8/11/2021  How Low Waste Can You Go?

You may be familiar with the term “zero waste,” but have you heard of “low waste” before? Living a low waste lifestyle means lowering your environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste you produce. While “zero waste” is a specific industry term that requires a 90 percent diversion rate (making sure that 90 percent of the material you no longer need goes to reuse, recycling, or compost instead of to landfill), low waste takes a more flexible, spectrum approach.

7/22/2021  Making Your Summer Sustainable

If this weather is any indication, summer is officially here. The SAN Airport Planning & Environmental team has some sustainable summer habits for you to try.

6/17/2021  Leave the Los Angeles Traffic Behind and Fly to Santa Barbara on Alaska Airlines

For anyone who has made the grueling drive from San Diego to Santa Barbara, you’ll understand when I say going through Los Angeles traffic, no matter what time of day, is umm…horrible. Lucky for us
, Alaska Airlines begins daily nonstop service to Santa Barbara via Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) from San Diego International Airport (SAN) today! 

6/15/2021  California’s Reopening, What it Means for San Diego International Airport

June 15, 2021. It might not be a day that lives in infamy but, it is certainly a day that Californians have been waiting for since Governor Gavin Newsom announced that was the target reopening date. California’s reopening means the tiered restrictions that were in place will be removed in many settings and life will closely resemble what it was like pre-COVID-19. However, at San Diego International Airport (SAN) it’s still business as usual and we still have to abide by a few federally mandated rules. If you are traveling anytime in the future, these are the guidelines still in place while on airport property:

6/14/2021  SAN’s Airport Ambassadors make friendliness top priority


If you’ve ever arrived at SAN and asked for directions to our ground transportation or rental car center, you’ve probably talked to one of our friendly Volunteer Airport Ambassadors.

5/28/2021  It’s Getting Busier at SAN - What to Expect in Terminal 1

If you are planning a get-a-way, we want to tell you that it’s getting busier at the airport

5/21/2021  It’s Nesting Season for the California Least Terns

Here at SAN, we think it’s pretty special that the California Least Tern, an endangered migratory seabird, nest here every year. The California Least Tern is listed under both the federal and California State Endangered Species Act since 1972. 

5/21/2021  Eager to Travel This Summer?

15 New Routes Now Available at SAN
After being told for more than a year to stay home and only associate with those in your household, it’s no wonder people are eager to travel. With vaccines being administered to thousands of people a day, we are finally on our way to recovery. 

5/18/2021  Bike Here, Bike There, Bike Anywhere!

Happy National Bike Month! Biking is a viable, fun, and healthy transportation choice that gets you out of a car and provides an opportunity to be active. This month, challenge yourself to hop on a bike and get GOing.

5/11/2021  Southwest keeps the LUV alive at SAN during the pandemic


While the airline’s focus over the past year has undoubtedly been on safety, it has found small ways to make a big impact on the travel experience. 

5/5/2021  Airport Cell Phone Lot Reopens

Picking up passengers at the San Diego International Airport? Avoid driving in circles and park in the airport’s Cell Phone Lot free of charge. Beginning Saturday, May 8, this temporary way-station will reopen and offer approximately 100 parking spaces for drivers to park and wait for arriving passengers. The airport Cell Phone Lot closed in April 2020 when state and county health and safety orders increased and passenger volumes decreased with the spread of COVID-19.

4/20/2021  We All Love A Clean San Diego

For the past 16 years, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority has sponsored and participated in I Love a Clean San Diego’s (ILACSD) Creek to Bay Cleanup. If you aren’t familiar with ILACSD, their mission is to lead and inspire the community to actively conserve and enhance the environment through example, outreach, and local involvement. Their vision is a zero waste, litter-free, and environmentally engaged San Diego region. These ideals go hand in hand with the Airport Authority’s, as well as many of our dedicated employees and each year, several Airport Authority employees participate in the effort.

4/9/2021  Airport Traffic Officer’s goodwill keeps family of six together

The Airport Traffic Officers’ job is far more than simply directing traffic. They are often the first point of contact at the airport.

4/7/2021  SAN Concessions are Green

In July 2017, San Diego International Airport (SAN) introduced our SAN Green Concessions program which rewards and recognizes airport concessionaires that help reduce water and energy use, minimize waste, and educate their staff and consumers on what green business is all about.

3/18/2021  Big Surf Meet Big Sky

Just in time for spring break, Alaska Airlines began its first nonstop flight between Missoula, Mont. via Missoula International Airport (MSO) and SAN today. This is the first time SAN will have daily, nonstop service to Missoula.

3/5/2021  Update: What shops and restaurants are open at SAN?

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite, sit-down meal, travel essentials, or local gifts, many of our shops and restaurants are open and ready to serve you. 

2/23/2021  Once Lost, Then Found

It’s bound to happen. You pack your bags, check it twice, but somewhere between your home and final destination, you lost a thing or two. Could be something small or something large, but somehow it just disappeared.

2/16/2021  San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Announces New Board Members

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, which operates San Diego International Airport (SAN), is governed by a nine-member Board whose members are appointed by elected officials representing all areas of San Diego County. This year, we are welcoming a new Board Chair and four new Board members who are replacing members whose three-year terms have ended. With the new appointments, the Airport Authority Board is now comprised of regional leaders including five women and four men.

2/11/2021  Five New Flights on Allegiant, Starting This Summer

Now’s the perfect time to book your trip and go off the beaten path.

New nonstop routes are always exciting but, what we love even more is gaining new nonstop routes to cities that aren’t currently available from SAN. So when Allegiant recently announced that SAN will gain seasonal nonstop service to five new cities as soon as May…well, let’s just say we are jumping for joy.

2/10/2021  3 things you didn’t know about SAN

SAN is known and loved for a few special attributes, like its abundance of natural light, relaxed atmosphere, and diverse mix of shops and restaurants. But SAN also has some unusual features that may surprise you.

1/15/2021  SAN’s best friend

Meet the airport’s top dogs

To keep our human volunteers safe during the pandemic, we temporarily suspended our pet therapy program, and recently brought back a small group on a limited basis. If you’re like us, you’re wondering what the dogs have been up to during their hiatus. To find out, we did a Q&A with two of our top dogs – Ollie and Willow – and their dedicated human companions.

1/15/2021  Return of Service to Japan and New Route to New York City


Konnichiwa! We are excited that Japan Airlines has announced they will resume nonstop service to Tokyo, Japan via Narita International Airport (NRT) from San Diego International Airport (SAN) three times a week. The first arrival into San Diego will be on March 2 and the first departure from San Diego on March 3.

1/5/2021  More Bridge, More Sun


If you’ve ever traveled through the far west gate at SAN (Gate 51 in Terminal 2, to be precise), you may have noticed the glass bridge connecting the airport terminal to the waiting aircraft. This Passenger Boarding Bridge, or PBB, is not only unique to SAN, but also to other airports in the U.S.

12/17/2020  December Holiday Travel Tips


What is normally a busy travel time, this December is looking quite different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On November 13, 2020, the California Department of Public Health issued a travel advisory for non-essential travel (side note: what’s essential vs. non-essential travel you ask? Click here to learn more) which requests that persons arriving in California from other states or countries should practice self-quarantining for 14 days after arrival. In addition, Californians are encouraged to stay home or in their region and avoid non-essential travel to other states or countries.

12/17/2020  Happy holidays from SAN!

Oh, how we miss the excitement of holiday travel!

Oh, how we miss the excitement of holiday travel! December is typically a very busy month for our airport, when the terminals are filled with passengers eager to visit friends and family all over the world. This year many of us are staying home and finding creative ways to stay connected to the people and places that matter most.

12/8/2020  Our 2019-2020 Sustainability Report

Examining our Social, Economic, and Environmental Performance

Every year we work on compiling a Sustainability Report which re-affirms our commitment to continuous improvement and transparency in social, economic, and environmental performance. We have released our 2019-2020 Sustainability Report which can be viewed at

12/2/2020  Examining SAN’s HVAC system

During the pandemic, there has been a great deal of emphasis on air circulation and its relation to COVID-19. All HVAC systems at San Diego International Airport (SAN) were designed to meet American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standards for ventilation for indoor air quality. Our systems meet or exceed industry filtration standards, meaning we filter the air at a recommended level between “Superior Commercial Buildings” and “Hospital Inpatient Care.” Additionally, 60 percent of air handlers installed in the airport contain ultraviolet light which provides extra protection to kill bacteria and viruses.

11/23/2020  Being a Good Traveler

2019 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
In 2015, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (Airport Authority) launched The Good Traveler program at San Diego International Airport (SAN) to provide an easy, affordable, and meaningful way for interested passengers to make their travel more sustainable. Through the program, individuals can purchase carbon offsets online, at select terminal concessions, and through the airport parking reservation and payment system with proceeds going toward conservation projects that help counteract the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment. Since launching five years ago, the program now includes 17 participating airports in North America that have collectively offset nearly 670 million miles of travel.

11/20/2020  Alaska Airlines Now Offers Flights to Cancún and Fort Lauderdale from SAN

Here at San Diego International Airport (SAN), there are certain destinations that we would love to include on our nonstop destination list. Those routes are ones that we don’t currently offer and would allow for our community to access locations without having to connect or fly from regional hubs. Cancún, Mexico is one of those routes. Our air service team has been trying to get service to Cancún for quite some time (a couple of years at least, but hey, who’s counting) and Alaska Airlines finally came through for the win when they announced they would begin seasonal service on November 20.

11/17/2020  Traveling During the Holiday Season? Check Out These Helpful Travel Tips

Traveling During the Holiday Season? Check Out These Helpful Travel Tips
For those who will be traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday, here are some tips to ensure you have a safe and seamless journey...

11/9/2020  Top 3 Winter Escapes from San Diego

100% of people report needing a change of scenery
Top 3 Winter Escapes from San Diego
It’s that time of the year when much of the country wishes they could escape from winter. We Southern Californians, though, seek out the cold and snow on purpose. If you need a break from the endless summer, we’ve got flights to several of the country’s top winter destinations, including Jackson Hole, Salt Lake City, and Denver. All three locations boast stunning mountain ranges where you can sled, ski, or snowball to your heart’s content. 

11/4/2020  Next Stop Honolulu

Southwest Airlines Inaugurates Nonstop Service to Hawaii
Next Stop Honolulu
It’s been a little over a year since Southwest Airlines announced they would offer nonstop service to Hawaii from San Diego International Airport (SAN). The service, which was originally slated to begin in April 2020, was postponed because of…you guessed it…COVID-19. 

10/22/2020  SAN Stormwater Management Raises the Bar on Sustainability

SAN Stormwater Management Raises the Bar on Sustainability

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (Airport Authority) is making great strides in achieving our stormwater management goals through the development of an innovative stormwater capture and reuse system. The system will allow San Diego International Airport (SAN) to meet important regulatory requirements and reduce potable water consumption, making the airport more resilient to future climate and regulatory changes. There are four existing elements of the stormwater capture and reuse system, and four proposed elements. The four proposed elements are a part of the Airport Development Plan (ADP) which includes the Airside Improvements Project, the first project of the ADP that focuses on airside infrastructure such as the aircraft taxiways and apron.

10/8/2020  San Diego International Airport Achieves Airports Council International World’s Health Accreditation

San Diego International Airport Achieves Airports Council International World’s Health Accreditation

Since the coronavirus pandemic took hold air travel looks and feels a lot different for those that must pass through airports and board airlines during this time. Each day brings new insight and knowledge about COVID-19 and how best to ensure the health and safety of everyone around the world. It is with this knowledge that airports and airlines have been implementing best practices when it comes to cleaning, social distancing, and facial coverings.

10/6/2020  Safety with a Smile

We make the little things count
Safety with a Smile
When it comes to traveling during a pandemic, we all have different comfort levels. Some of us are traveling regularly, with an abundance of caution. Others are planning and booking their next adventure, while some of us are still dreaming up our next getaway. We get it. And we want you to know no matter where you are in your travel planning, we’re ready for you.

10/5/2020  SAN Celebrates California Clean Air Day and Energy Efficiency Day

SAN Celebrates California Clean Air Day and Energy Efficiency Da

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, which owns and operates the San Diego International Airport (SAN), is excited to participate in a celebration of two very important environmental days on October 7th, California Clean Air Day and Energy Efficiency Day.

9/28/2020  SAN Employees Participate in I Love a Clean San Diego’s Coastal Cleanup Day

SAN Employees Participate in I Love a Clean San Diego’s Coastal Cleanup Day

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority has long been a partner of I Love A Clean San Diego and has participated in many of their annual events. On Saturday, September 26, a dozen Airport Authority employees individually participated in the 36th annual virtual I Love a Clean San Diego Coastal Cleanup Day. The event is a major part of International Coastal Cleanup, which is facilitated by The Ocean Conservancy and includes many U.S. states and territories, and over 70 countries. In California, Coastal Cleanup Day is a partnership between the California Coastal Commission, nonprofit groups, cities and counties throughout the state.

9/15/2020  SAN Arts Program Welcomes Fall Performing Arts Resident & Debuts New Mural on Admiral Boland Way

SAN Arts Program Welcomes Fall Performing Arts Resident & Debuts New Mural on Admiral Boland Way

The San Diego International Airport (SAN) Arts Program includes performing arts, public art, and temporary exhibition components which are aimed at engaging travelers and creating an ambiance unique to the culture of San Diego. The Arts Program is pleased to announce the 2020 Fall Performing Arts Resident Artist, Margaret Noble and her featured work [Sky][Muse], as well as the debut of a new piece of work in the Admiral Boland Way mural series, Plein Air Port by Aaron Glasson.

9/8/2020  SAN Arts Program Participates in San Diego Design Week

SAN Arts Program Participates in San Diego Design Week

Running September 9 through 13, 2020, San Diego Design Week (SDDW) celebrates interdisciplinary design in San Diego through talks, studio tours, workshops, and self-guided tours. The SAN Arts Program will be participating in SDDW by showcasing its diverse programming in performing arts, exhibitions and public art.