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Lost & Found

Until Further Notice:

Only essential items will be accepted by the Lost and Found office. Examples of essential items include government-issued IDs, passports, baggage, jewelry, medication, medical devices, cell phones, laptops, high-end electronics, and legal documents or military orders. Any other items accepted or released will be at management’s discretion.

How Are Items Claimed and Returned?

The Lost and Found staff will secure all found items 90 days before disposition. We will make every effort to research and locate potential owners. Once positive ownership is identified, you may arrange for the return of items by:

  • On-Site Pickup: Monday-Friday, from 7:30-11:00 A.M. and Saturday or Sunday, from 8:00-11: A.M. by appointment only for essential items. Email authorization is required for a third-party pickup.
  • Federal Express: At the expense of the property owner, the Lost and Found can prepare items for shipment Monday- Saturday before 12 P.M.

The SAN Lost and Found receives items lost in public areas of the airport. This includes restrooms, TSA security checkpoints, a Terminal Loop, a Rental Car Center, and employee shuttles, airport-operated parking lots, and any general interior or exterior areas of the airport. Items lost at security checkpoints are collected and turned in to the Lost and Found within 24 hours.

Please contact the airline directly for items lost on the airplane, gate area, ticket counter, or checked luggage.

The following items are not accepted if outside a suitcase, backpack, or another suitable travel bag: blankets, hats, pillows, water bottles, and face masks. Visual inspection cannot determine if an item poses a biohazard risk of being contaminated with bodily fluids or insects. Therefore, it must be disposed of without commencing the customary holding period.  If these items are received at the Lost and Found, they are disposed of. All food items (except alcohol) received at the Lost and Found are immediately disposed of. Items that are dirty (soiled, wet) are not accepted.

You must first submit a lost item claim to speak with a Lost and Found custodian. A custodian will reach out within 48 hours if a match is found.

Scan the QR code or click the link below to report a lost item.

Lost and Found QR Code