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Airport Traffic Officer’s goodwill keeps family of six together

Friday, April 9, 2021


The Airport Traffic Officers’ job is far more than simply directing traffic. They are often the first point of contact at the airport, providing critical information and assistance to help travelers complete their journey. On February 23, ATO Hanes’ generosity changed the experience at SAN for a family of six struggling with transportation to their hotel after their flight was canceled.

When flights are canceled due to mechanical issues, airlines customarily give passengers lodging at a local hotel and taxi vouchers for transportation to their hotel. While this seems like a simple solution, for parties of three or more during the pandemic, finding adequate transportation is not so simple.

Such was the case with the family of six, who had one taxi voucher to get to their hotel and no additional funds to pay for more taxis to transport the entire family.

The father decided to walk to the hotel while the mother and two youngest children, with the help of ATOs, found a taxi driver that would accept their voucher. This left two teenage girls on the Terminal 2 Taxi Island without transportation to the hotel.

ATO Hanes took matters into her own hands.  She advised the young ladies that she had hired Lyft to transport them to the hotel with the rest of their family. The sisters were very thankful for her generosity and to be reunited with their family.

ATOs take pride in providing exceptional customer service and often encounter people who are facing substantial difficulty. A big thank you to ATO Hanes for this act of kindness, and the ATO group as a whole, for the countless deeds of goodwill that occur daily.