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SAN’s Airport Traffic Officers start the new year with a new look

Thursday, January 20, 2022


When you pull up to the curb at SAN to drop off your loves ones, have you ever wondered who the uniformed folks are – the ones in high vis gear who look like they definitely know what they’re doing (they do)?

Our Airport Traffic Officers (ATOs) have a vitally important job to do at the airport. They keep people safe and traffic moving outside the terminals, all while maintaining a welcoming and approachable demeanor.

In fact, customer service is a top priority for our ATOs. They wanted their uniforms to reflect the service-oriented role they play at SAN, so a few months ago the team came together to explore new uniform options. The result? New uniforms that better match industry trends, while conveying a sense of safety and “Hi! Welcome to SAN. We’re here to help.”

To retire their old uniforms, the ATOs partnered with our Environmental Affairs team to donate more than 300 pairs of pants and 75 jackets/sweaters, and textile recycled over 100 polo shirts to Goodwill.