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Shop, Dine, Relax & Fly


The in-the-know crowd will feel right at home here, and all travelers will get a taste of San Diego's best, now that there's more local flavor and national choice brands.

Green Concessions

The SAN Green Concessions program recognizes concessions that implement sustainable practices including energy and waste reduction, waste diversion, and education efforts. Visit a SAN Green Concession today!


New and more shopping choices are now part of the traveling experience, as the airport has become a destination unto itself.


From premiere airline lounges to two day spas, you are welcome to relax before your flight.


Live music, special appearances, and activities are happening throughout the terminals courtesy of our restaurants and shops. Check out what's happening when you are traveling.

Make the most out of your pre-flight time with our diverse mix of airport restaurants, boutiques, and gift shops; or sit back and rejuvenate at an airport spa. SAN has options to suit every passenger, including eco-friendly and sustainable stores and food.