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Several airlines offer curbside baggage check-in services for departing passengers. Check with your airline to see if it provides this service. If not, you must go to the proper ticket counter to receive your seat assignment and boarding pass, and to check baggage. Please be prepared to show identification at each check-in location, as well as at security checkpoints leading to departure gates.

Baggage Claim

Follow the baggage claim signs to the carousels centrally located on the ground level of each terminal. The monitors above each carousel will display your airline and flight number. The carousel produces an audible buzz and a flashing light to signal when baggage is being unloaded. Since many pieces of luggage look alike, check all name tags or other identifiers to ensure that you are removing the correct item(s).

Baggage Carts

Passengers with heavy or large numbers of bags will find baggage cart dispensers conveniently located throughout the Airport. The rental fee is $7 per cart. The dispenser accepts currency and credit cards.

Lost/Damaged Baggage

If your luggage does not arrive or is damaged, visit the airline's baggage claim office located in the baggage claim area. For additional assistance, directly contact the airline baggage claim office or ticket counter.