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3 things you didn’t know about SAN

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


SAN is known and loved for a few special attributes, like its abundance of natural light, relaxed atmosphere, and diverse mix of shops and restaurants. But SAN also has some unusual features that may surprise you.

1. There’s a poem in our parking structure

The last place one might expect to find poetry is in a parking structure, but SAN’s Arts Program knows how to create beauty from the mundane. To enhance the view from the top of Terminal 2's Parking Plaza, SAN’s Arts Program worked with local poet, Ying Wu, to write a San Diego inspired poem entitled “Before” that could be reproduced on graphic signage. Our in-house designer and artist extraordinaire, Sharon Gonzales, collaborated with Arts Program staff to design the piece of public art that holds the poem. “Before” sits on an overlook that creatively frames the view of the San Diego Bay and casts changing shadows throughout the day.

2. We accidentally hid some non-floor things in the floor

During construction of Terminal 2 West, a nail was accidently embedded in the terrazzo floor. We know you’re going to look for it next time you’re here, so go to the 2nd floor of T2W across from the security checkpoint and in front of the chairs, and see if you can find it. We also have it on good word that a coin was intentionally dropped into the terrazzo floor in T2W. The mystery coin is near a security checkpoint but that’s all we know.

3. We drink our air

Here at SAN, we embrace creativity in water management through innovative programs such as condensate and rainwater collection and reuse. Another way we conserve water is through atmospheric water generators in our administration offices, also known as drinkable air machines. These machines look like high tech water coolers, and they suck in the humidity from the air, filter, and store the water for drinking. It’s fun to brag about drinking the air at work, and the water tastes great!

Is there anything else you’d like to know about SAN? Ask your questions on social and a SAN expert will get right back to you.