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How Low Waste Can You Go?

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

You may be familiar with the term “zero waste,” but have you heard of “low waste” before? Living a low waste lifestyle means lowering your environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste you produce. While “zero waste” is a specific industry term that requires a 90 percent diversion rate (making sure that 90 percent of the material you no longer need goes to reuse, recycling, or compost instead of to landfill), low waste takes a more flexible, spectrum approach. The low/zero waste movements are similar—and many strategies work for both. Interested in living a low waste lifestyle? The first thing to do is establish why you want to produce less waste. From there try these tips: 


  • Look at what you’re currently throwing away; where can you improve or make some easy swaps from disposable to reusable?
  • Replace items with reusables as they run out. No need to switch to all eco-friendly products all at once; use up the materials you have and then consider alternatives.
  • In the kitchen try using reusable napkins, towels, stirrers, straws, utensils, produce bags, grocery bags, food wrap, and snack bags. You can also try out a coffee press or loose-leaf tea/powder.
  • In the bathroom try out toothpaste and mouthwash tablets, refillable floss, bamboo toothbrushes, and soap bars for face, body, and hair. You can also opt for reusable razors, cotton pads, face towels, ear swabs, and contact lenses.
  • For cleaning supplies, use reusable rags, brushes, sponges, soap dispensers, mop pads, and dusters. Cleaning tablets/concentrate in reusable bottles, wool dryer balls, and detergent strips, powder, and pods are also becoming popular.
  • Look into other low waste solutions like rechargeable batteries, flashlights, and lighters, and consider reusing food storage containers.


These low waste hacks you can help you reduce the environmental impact of your lifestyle. To learn more about the Airport Authority’s commitment to zero waste, you can download our Zero Waste Plan.