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3/12/2020  I See GSE

Ground Support Equipment at SAN

Have you ever wondered about all of the equipment required to service planes at SAN? Ground support equipment, or GSE, is essential to our operations. While GSE helps passengers get to and from their destination, it also contributes to our overall environmental impact.

2/2/2020  Meet SAN’s #1 fan: Evan, grade 3, loves SAN 13/10

“How come the flight attendants don’t fall asleep on planes?”

We now have definitive proof that good feelings generate more good feelings! A couple of months ago, SAN received a letter from a local third grader, Evan, who told us how much he loves airplanes and our airport. In this savvy traveler’s words, “I love to go in planes because the planes are so cool inside and it looks so beautiful. I love the Airport.”

1/24/2020  Giving Back: Tony Russell, Director of Board Services

On Friday, January 17 the Jackie Robinson YMCA hosted the 35th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Dignity Award Breakfast. The breakfast serves as a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words and selfless actions by awarding an individual that continues to embody Dr. King’s spirit and humanitarian ideals. This year, the 2020 Human Dignity Award was presented to Dee Sanford, an accomplished business woman who served on the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA board for more than 30 years.

1/22/2020  SAN Test Pilot Takes Flight

SAN Brews Beer With Help of Ballast Point & Water Works Inc.

San Diego International Airport (SAN) has teamed up with Ballast Point Brewery and Water Works Inc. to brew a beer we’re calling “SAN Test Pilot.”

12/12/2019  Help SAN Win USA Today’s “Best Large Airport”

Vote! Vote! Vote!

San Diego International Airport (SAN) has been nominated for USA Today’s 2020 “10 Best Readers’ Choice” Travel Award. GO us! SAN was selected by an expert panel as a contender for “Best Large Airport.” Our excellent amenities, natural light, relaxed vibe, central location, and impeccable record for on-time flights landed us in the top 10.

12/6/2019  SAN Continues Noise Study with Public Input

In an ongoing effort to identify current and future noise impacts in neighborhoods near San Diego International Airport, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is seeking FAA review of maps that illustrate noise exposure levels, known as “noise contours.”

11/25/2019  Sustainability Report Released!

New Sustainability Report reinforces SAN's commitment to a resilient future.

10/14/2019  Einstein Bros. Is Ocean Friendly!

First Ocean Friendly Airport Concession!

In July 2019, SAN became the first airport to have one of its concessions become "Ocean Friendly certified". Congratulations to our partner, Einstein Bros., located in Terminal 2 West, for this wonderful accomplishment!

9/27/2019  SAN is Carbon Neutral

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is now a carbon neutral airport! On September 18th SAN became the second airport in North America, and the first airport in California, to receive carbon neutral accreditation from the global agency that establishes carbon standards for airports worldwide.

9/16/2019  Capturing AC Condensate @ SAN

Ah, warm weather in San Diego! The sun is shining, the temperatures are up, and our AC is ON! Have you ever noticed when you run your AC that the machine produces water? That is condensate! Condensate is the result of water vapor in the air turning into liquid when it encounters the cold coils on your air conditioner.

7/22/2019  Smoking at SAN

Here at SAN we are completely smoke free indoors.</strong> However, we understand that some passengers want to smoke while traveling. To accommodate, San Diego International has eleven publicly available designated smoking areas near the terminals.

At SAN, smoking is permitted only inside of our designated areas. Section 7.03 of the Airport Authority Code and Section 2.2 of the Rules and Regulations require that passengers and employees smoke only in designated areas as they are located at least 25 feet from any facility entrance and have urns to help prevent cigarette butt pollution.

6/26/2019  Forces of Nature @ SAN

The Airport Arts Program's 2019 temporary exhibition, Forces of Nature, is now on full display, featuring artwork and collections that highlight San Diego's unique natural landscape.

5/31/2019  Our Employees Are Charged Up!

In May, the Airport Authority opened 20 new electric vehicle parking spaces in our employee lot. The new chargers were installed through SDG&E's Power Your Drive program to bring electric vehicle charging to our 9,400 employees and to help encourage the switch to electric vehicles in the San Diego region. The Airport Authority is proud to host these ChargePoint Level 2 charging stations and looking forward to our continued partnership with SDG&E that will operate and maintain the charging stations over the next ten years.

4/24/2019  Complying With New Polystyrene Foam and Single Use Plastics Ordinance

What's up with San Diego's new Styrofoam and single use plastics rule?

San Diego's Polystyrene Foam and Single Use Plastics Ordinance took effect on February 23rd, 2019 in an effort to help San Diego reach its Zero Waste goals and to prevent pollution. The Airport Authority responded by working with our concessions to ensure they understood the new regulation and to assist in any necessary actions. We are proud to say that our concessions now:

3/29/2019  From Food Waste to Compost

From Food Waste to Compost: Organics at SAN

Here at San Diego International we believe in the 5 Rs of Zero Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, and Rethink. We look for creative ways to manage the waste that comes with running a large facility. One of the ways we reduce the amount of material we send to the landfill is through composting (the "Rot" of the 5 Rs)!

2/15/2019  #B2UbyH2O at SAN

#B2UbyH2O & Water Stewardship at SAN

San Diego is known as America's finest city. There's a lot that we think, makes our region great. We're one of the nation's top tourist destinations, we make world class products, we lead the nation in small farms, and we're a hub for coffee and beer!

1/25/2019  Volunteer Airport Ambassadors

At SAN, we believe in the triple bottom line of sustainability—measuring our impact with social, environmental, and economic yardsticks. We are committed to building an enduring and resilient enterprise by effectively managing our social, environmental, and financial risks, obligations, and opportunities.

12/20/2018  This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Carbon Offsets!

Looking for a unique and impactful gift this holiday season? Check out carbon offsets!

12/6/2018  Our New Terminal 2 Parking Plaza

Have you had a chance to park at SAN's new Terminal 2 Parking Plaza yet? It opened in May 2018—ahead of schedule and under budget, and offers convenient, close-in parking for our customers!

10/18/2018  SAN Hosts Sustainability Fair

At SAN, our main goal is to ensure passengers get from Point A to Point B as quickly, comfortably and efficiently as possible. Did you know that at any given time there are close to 9,000 employees working at the airport to achieve that goal? Lots of people and busy operations mean we can produce large amounts of waste, especially things like broken electronics, burned-out light bulbs, or old batteries.

9/24/2018  Coastal Cleanup Day with SAN

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority strives to be a good neighbor to surrounding communities. One way we choose to give back is by hosting two clean-ups a year at Spanish Landing Park — just across the street from us!

8/28/2018  Happy SANiversary, SAN Green Concessions Program!

Time flies here at SAN! This summer marks the completion of the first year of the SAN Green Concessions Program—a voluntary awards and recognition program designed to help our food and beverage and retail shops implement sustainable business practices.

7/16/2018  Let's GO Outside!

Airport Authority employees, families, and friends, GO Outside for monthly Wellness Hiking Group!

San Diego is known for its great outdoors and sunny weather. From beaches and parks to deserts and mountains, our region has plenty of outdoor spaces to offer if you want to GO Outside!

6/26/2018  2017 Sustainability Report Released!

San Diego International Airport (SAN) demonstrated a deep commitment to financial, social, and environmental responsibility last year. Our efforts are highlighted in our annual Sustainability Report ""Aviation Matters: A Sustainability Report for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority."" The report hit the street in June and highlights our past year's activities and accomplishments in our five strategic areas of focus: Community, Customer, Employee, Financial, and Operational.

5/24/2018  Quieter Home Program Residential Construction

The Quieter Home program, the Airport Authority's residential sound insulation program, has surpassed a major milestone, having made improvements to more than 3,500 homes since the program began in 2001.

4/30/2018  So Your Pet Has to GO!

Traveling with your furry friend can be fun and comforting! Pets make great travel buddies, but what do you do when they have to GO?

2/15/2018  What's With All the [Green] Construction?

Have you visited SAN lately and noticed the construction?

Pardon our dust while we improve your airport! The Airport Authority is currently involved in two large capital improvement projects expected to improve your experience at SAN. By summer, you'll be able to park in the new Terminal 2 Parking Plaza and travel in-style through our new international arrivals facility. What does this new infrastructure have in common? For one, both are green buildings!

1/24/2018  New Year, Greener You

It's a new year and the time is right to make some small changes to live a greener, more sustainable life! Here at the airport, we take sustainability seriously. Below are some tips we have for our community on how to GO Green!

10/11/2017  Airport Authority Employees Have a Sustainable September

Did you know that San Diego International Airport is one of the greenest airports in the world? We take sustainability seriously by committing ourselves to waste reduction and recovery, biodiversity, enhanced air quality and reduced emissions, and many more environmental initiatives. Ever wonder how we walk the walk?

9/19/2017  GOing On Now- SAN Oktoberfest!


Eat, drink, save and be merry! Join SAN as we celebrate Oktoberfest in terminals--GOing On now until October 3rd! Check out the Airport's promotions, food and drink specials, and beer garden!

8/29/2017  Get Connected with SAN's Trolley to Terminal Shuttle Service

In July, the airport launched its latest Sustainability Report on, sharing financial, social, and environmental activities and accomplishments from 2016. Dedicated to being a good community partner, the airport shows its commitment through volunteer work, the creation of opportunities for small and local businesses, continuing to grow air service, and even finding sustainable ways for travelers to access the airport.

7/21/2017  SAN Launches Green Concessions Program

Imagine as a passenger you stroll through the terminals looking for an environmentally-friendly business to eat or shop at. You spot a green concession sign, walk into a storefront, and find efficient appliances, healthier products, and ease of mind knowing you made a greener choice that day. Now that can be reality while traveling through SAN!

5/26/2017  Looking for ways to go green on your next trip through SAN?

At San Diego International Airport (SAN), we are committed to sustainability and to helping you reduce your environmental footprint.

2/10/2017  SAN's Landscaping

When arriving at SAN, one of the first things people notice are our beautiful palm trees. We have over 600 of them – a mix of Queen, Medium Fan, Mexican Fan and Date – on the airport's grounds. And while we are delighted that the palms have become visually synonymous with a warm and wonderful San Diego vacation – there is more to these lanky and lush plants than meets the eye

1/13/2017  Lost and Found

From printing boarding passes to checking baggage to clearing security to locating the departure gate – air travel can require many steps. And all of that has to happen before you even get on the plane. It's no wonder that sometimes people forget or misplace a belonging (or two) along the way.

1/6/2017  The Time Machine

You ever wish for a time machine? Something that would pause the relentless march of the seconds and the minutes and the hours? Just so you can ... breathe?

12/20/2016  Three of San Diego's Airport Ambassadors honored by TSA

People rushing through the airport on the way to any of our 50+ nonstop destinations often overlook a team of unsung (and un-paid) heroes—a group of volunteers in green polos, armed with a wealth of knowledge to help you get from A to B, and the heart to match.

12/9/2016  Treats for the Troops

The old saying "home is where the heart is" holds meaning for a lot of people. But for members of the U.S. military, those words take on even more significance. This is especially true around the holidays.

12/5/2016  Tranquility and Serenity at the Airport

International Airport, but now, that opportunity welcomes and awaits you in Terminal 2 West.

12/1/2016  Holiday Travel Tips

The Thanksgiving holiday travel period, according to AAA, is expected to be the busiest it's been in nearly a decade. And San Diego is projected to be one of the most popular travel destinations. An average of 60,000 people a day are expected to pass through San Diego International Airport (SAN) over the Thanksgiving holiday and that number is expected to grow to 65,000 between Christmas and New Year's Day.

11/28/2016  Southwest Pilot's Retirement Flight is Full of Fun – and Family

Goodbyes are rarely easy
But when your sendoff includes: cake, a plane full of friends and family and a familiar face sitting next to you in the cockpit -- they can be a lot of fun. This was the scenario on July 12, when after 21 years of service, Southwest Airlines Captain Phil Scher piloted his final flight for the airline.

11/10/2016  Blue Horizons for Autism

The Customer Service department has partnered with the Autism Tree Project Foundation (ATPF), TSA and JetBlue to create "Blue Horizons for Autism."

11/8/2016  Fore!

What images are conjured up when you think of your ideal Zen moment? Your first thought might not be San Diego "Today is an exciting day for all golf aficionados, foodies, and passengers alike! It is the highly anticipated grand opening of the PGA Tour Grill, the stunning sit-down eatery in Terminal 2 West, located just east of the security checkpoint and across from Stone Brewing Co.

10/15/2016  Welcome to the Commuter Terminal, Werc!

Anyone driving west on Harbor Drive these days would have spied the huge mural on the side of our Commuter Terminal.