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Environmental Monitoring for Dust and Noise Impacts from Construction

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

If you’ve been coming to the San Diego International Airport (SAN) over the last few months, you’ve likely noticed a whole new campus developing. Signs of construction are all around including rubble piles, large excavations, missing buildings, and lots of movement and noise by construction vehicles.

The health and safety of staff, tenants, customers, passengers, and contractors is a top priority for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Airport. Staff from Airport Planning & Environmental Affairs, Talent, Culture, and Capability, and Labor Compliance work together to respond to potential issues and monitor for health concerns related to construction on the airport campus. 

Since construction began, monitoring for dust, silica, and noise has been conducted both indoors and outdoors to ensure activities aren’t creating exposure risks for Airport Authority staff and others. The good news is all results have been well below OSHA exposure standards.

In addition to the environmental monitoring, airport contractors also monitor their work areas, implement required dust mitigation measures, and may also make changes to the construction techniques used if noise or dust become an issue.

If you have concerns about construction impacts please contact us at (619) 400-2400.