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What’s behind the wall?

Monday, March 21, 2022


There are a lot of exciting things happening at SAN these days, one of which is preparation for new shops and restaurants in Terminal 2. When a new shop or restaurant is being built at SAN, a white “barricade wall” is installed over the storefront. That’s a serious-sounding phrase that basically means, “Sit tight. We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you something new, something wonderful, something you’ll love.”  

In an airport designed to reflect the beauty of the outside world, we like to spruce up those white walls and give you something bright and fun to look at when you’re buzzing through the terminals.

Last fall, we asked a local artist to create two super special murals on the barricade walls of the soon-to-be shops and restaurants. They were a big hit with passengers and employees alike, so we thought, “Hey, what else can we put on those walls?”

Cue our very own in-house graphic designer, Sharon Gonzales, who created ocean-themed wayfinding artwork that not only tells you where you are in the terminal, but also tells you what type of aquatic life you’ll find around here.

“San Diego's biggest asset is its sun, coastal region, and relaxed, playful vibe. I chose to reflect those on the wayfinding walls by including a large warm sun, flowing waves, and playful sea life.” – Sharon Gonzales

The artwork might make you daydream about squishing your toes into the warm San Diego sand, or all the possibilities for new shops and restaurants. More boutique donut shops, anyone? Spoiler alert: there is no spoiler alert. We do hope you enjoy the new artwork (selfies encouraged)!