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Do something cool this summer – in Canada

Monday, May 2, 2022


Canada is many things. It’s got more natural beauty per square inch than most countries have in their entire landmass. It’s got big, metropolitan cities that bump up against stunning mountain ranges. It has 3 million lakes and 38 million people, a rather favourable lake-to-person ratio.

Best of all, summer looks absolutely brilliant on Canada. Nature comes alive, the turquoise lakes sparkle just so, and cities like Montréal and Vancouver are bustling with people basking in the summer sun. From SAN, you can fly nonstop to five of Canada’s top summer destinations.

C’est si bon!

Picture yourself oohing and aahing over buttery croissants in one of Montréal’s adorable little French bistros. Picnicking in the lush Mount Royal Park. Or taking a subterranean stroll through Montréal’s famed Underground City. Ready your bags and get ready for baguettes. Your swoonable summer getaway is here. Air Canada’s new nonstop service starts this month.

The city that loves summer.
Ever heard of a peameal-bacon sandwich? Neither have we. But any food with bacon as the star and mayonnaise in the supporting role is irresistible, and you can find it in Toronto’s famous St. Lawrence Market. You’ll also find a shoe museum, Shakespeare in High Park, and beaches along Lake Ontario. Torontonians love summer, and you’ll love Toronto in the summer, too. Plan a trip on Air Canada.

Nurtured by nature.
Spot on orca from your kayak. Get lost wandering through the forested trails of Stanley Park. Take a road trip to Whistler on the world’s most scenic roadway – the Sea to Sky Highway. Commune with hipsters in trendy Yaletown. There’s not a more perfect spot for a big city on the entire planet. And it’s just a three-hour plane ride away on Air Canada or WestJet.  

Lake Louise is just around the corner.
You know that photo of the clearest, brightest, bluest lake you’ve ever seen that always comes up on Instagram? That’s Lake Louise, in Banff National Park, just an hour’s drive away from Calgary. But the city of Calgary itself is not to be missed, especially in the summer. You’ll find foodie food and festivals galore, plus the Bow River, which has its very own surfing wave. Get there on WestJet.

There’s a festival for that.
For such an unassuming city, Edmonton sure has a lot to boast about. For starters Edmonton loves its festivals, with over 50 events annually including North America’s largest and wildest Fringe Theatre Festival. Edmonton is the gateway to the Canadian Rockies and Jasper National Park, where you could spend an entire summer hiking, camping, and cozy campfiring. You can book your adventure to Edmonton and the great Canadian north on Swoop.