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Everyone’s Best Friend

Wednesday, January 11, 2023


The saying, “man’s best friend” when referring to dogs needs an upgrade. Dogs, one could argue, are everyone’s best friend. Even self-proclaimed cat people can’t resist those puppy dog eyes when approached by a fluffy friend eager to say hello. These amazing four-legged creatures have the power to bring instant joy to people in a variety of settings but one of the places that it’s most needed is in an airport.

Airports are a lot. People coming and going, high-flying feelings (see what we did there), and flight changes. And did we mention going through security? All of this comes to a head at an airport. So, what could be better than having cute and cuddly dogs in the terminals whose main goal in life is to make our passengers happy? 

Before the holidays, NBC 7 San Diego reached out interested in learning more about our pet therapy program…Ready. Pet. GO! Merlin, Anne, Merlin’s owner and handler, and Barbara, an airport information volunteer are some of SAN’s stellar dog teams and were featured in the story by NBC 7 San Diego. Watch it for yourself, warning, you won’t be able to stop smiling!