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SAN Celebrates AANHPI Month

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

San Diego is home to a vibrant Asian American community, and it’s reflected at San Diego International Airport. This Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Month (AANHPI), we want to spotlight a few flights, flavors, and art to check out during your next visit to SAN.

Thai flavors at Saffron Thai

Chef Su-Mei Yu, a Bangkok native, created the menu at Saffron Thai for Body, Mind, and Spirit. It’s home to fried rice, curry, Pad Thai, and other authentic and fresh Thai cuisine options at SAN. 

Location: Sunset Cove at Terminal 2 

Nonstop Destinations from SAN

San Diego International Airport counts on a variety of nonstop routes to Hawaiian destinations like Kahului, Kona and Honolulu, via Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines, as well as international routes to Tokyo via Japan Airlines.

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Farverig Sol by Kaori Fukuyama 

Our latest temporary exhibition by our SANarts department includes a beautiful iridescent installation. Titled Farverig Sol, it’s by artist Kaori Fukuyama. Fukuyama is a multi-disciplinary artist from Kumamoto, Japan, who lives and works in San Diego. Her practice spans many media and explores the interactions of color, light, and shadow in pursuit of a deeper understanding of our visual perception. During the seemingly insurmountable troubles of the pandemic – social justice movements, gun violence, and economic inequality – she found relief in the study of starlings. These small blackbirds collectively, in large flocks, transform fluidly from one shape to another as they fly, and do so by coordinating with only the closest seven neighbors. 

Location, checkpoint 6 at Terminal 2 pre-security

Japanese Raku Pottery 

If you’re looking for something artisanal at SAN’s concessions, head to Gaslamp Marketplace in Terminal 2 where you can find pottery made in the traditional Japanese Raku Pottery process. Each Raku piece is made by hand by artist Jeremy Diller and fired in an outdoor kiln at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Diller writes it is then pulled and plunged into a sand pit with wood chips where the heat of the Raku piece causes the wood shavings to spontaneously ignite. The flames create unique colors while the outdoor atmosphere shocks the glaze and causes cracks in the finish. Choose from Diller’s array of crosses, dragonflies, and more. 

Location, Terminal 2 West Gate 46  

Meditate in our Reflection Room

Step into our Reflection Room at the Terminal 2 rotunda for peace and relaxation at SAN. Its interior art is made of shifting glass panes and is titled The Spirit of Silence. Designed by artist Norie Sato, she combines light, translucency, and surface to create a serene place for meditation and prayer. The Spirit of Silence takes its inspiration from the undefinable and changing edge between water and sky, clear and opaque, organic, and built, and is evocative of the San Diego environment. The benches in the Reflection Room are custom designed and fabricated by artist Miki Iwasaki.