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Authority Board Meetings & Agendas 2023


The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is seeking candidates, who meet the following qualifications, for one public member appointment to the Audit Committee.

  • An architect or civil engineer licensed to practice in the State of California.
  • A professional with experience in the field of real estate or land economics.
  • A person with public or private sector executive level decision making experience.
  • A person with experience in managing construction of large-scale public works projects
  • A person who resides within the airport influences area of the San Diego International Airport.
  • A person with experience in environmental justice as it pertains to land use.

If you are interested in serving on the Audit Committee, and meet the qualifications in one of the categories listed above, please complete the attached application and submit to: Email: Board Services/Authority Clerk at clerk@san.


2022-07-07 Board Agenda Packet (Revised)


3 7/6/2022 2022-07-07 Board Agenda Packet (Revised) 39.3 MB
2 7/5/2022 2022-07-07 Board Agenda Packet (Revised) 39.1 MB
1 6/29/2022 2022-07-07 Board Agenda Packet 39.2 MB