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About The Airport Authority

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority was created on January 1, 2003, as an independent agency to manage the day-to-day operations of San Diego International Airport (SAN) and address the region’s long-term air transportation needs. Previously known as Lindbergh Field, the airport's name was officially changed to San Diego International Airport in 2003 to better reflect the global mission of SAN as an international driver for business and tourism.

The legislation that created the Airport Authority mandates three main responsibilities:

  • Operate San Diego International Airport
  • Plan for the future air transportation needs of the region
  • Serve as the region’s Airport Land Use Commission – and ensure the adoption of land use plans that protect public health and safety surrounding all 16 of the county’s airports.

The Airport Authority is governed by an appointed board of nine members who represent all areas of San Diego County and three ex-officio members.

Public meetings of the full Airport Authority Board take place at 9:00 a.m. on the first Thursday of every month on the Third Floor of the Airport Authority Administrative Offices (formerly the Commuter Terminal) at the Airport. Several standing committees of the Board have been formed to better address key policy areas and develop items for consideration by the full Board. They also hold regular public meetings and include:

  • Executive Committee
  • Executive Personnel and Compensation Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Capital Improvement Program Oversight Committee

Airport Authority President/CEO Kimberly J. Becker is responsible for management oversight of the Authority, the Authority’s annual budget and a staff of approximately 400 aviation professionals.

The Airport Authority also serves as San Diego County's Airport Land Use Commission, responsible for protecting public health and safety surrounding airports. It accomplishes this by ensuring the orderly development of airports and the adoption of land use measures that minimize the public's exposure to excessive noise and safety hazards around airports.

Purpose Statement
Creating an exceptional airport experience for the community and the world.

Culture Statement
At the Airport Authority, culture starts with diversity. Together, we build trust and a sense of belonging by empowering our teams to grow.

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