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Airport Authority Ground Transportation Committee

The GTAC was established to assist the Airport Authority Board in its responsibilities related to oversight of the Ground Transportation operations at San Diego International Airport. The Committee facilitates input from community stakeholders, subject matter experts and current Ground Transportation permittees regarding the future of Ground Transportation operations at San Diego International Airport.

The governance structure of the GTAC has three members of the Airport Authority Board as voting members with all others non-voting. The remaining 22 will be comprised of representations from the current permittee pool operating at the Airport; three owner/operator and or drivers from the pool of non-Airport taxicabs; Metropolitan Transit System; California Public Utilities Commission; the United Taxi Workers of San Diego and eight members of the public.

GTAC meetings are held monthly, beginning in November, for a period of six months. The meeting agendas are posted along with materials and meeting summaries following each meeting.

You can find the GTAC Committee Members here

CONTACT INFORMATION: March Nichols, Director of Ground Transportation,, (619) 400-2824.

Meetings & Agendas

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