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As a financially self-sufficient agency, the Airport Authority does not rely on taxpayer dollars or City or County funds for our operations.

At the Authority, lean budgeting and fiscal prudence are the rule. But this in no way detracts from our commitment to operate San Diego International Airport at the peak of safety, security and efficiency for our passengers. This agency continues to exceed its bond covenant requirement, with total assets of nearly $3.0 Billion.

Debt Ratings

General Airport Revenue Bonds

  Senior Debt Subordinate Debt Report Date
Fitch AA- A+ November 7, 2019
Moody's A1 A2 June 20, 2019
Standard & Poor's A A- July 31 2020


Special Facility CFC Revenue Bonds

  Senior Debt Report Date
Moody's A3 June 7, 2017
Standard & Poor's BBB+ July 31, 2020


Notice of Representation by Registered Municipal Advisor

The 2014 Annual Report is available online only here. Starting with calendar year 2015, SAN began producing a combined annual/sustainability report. That can be found here.
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