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Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

We’re ready to take you where you need to go, safely and with a smile

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

The world looks a lot different than it did just a few months ago. Our communities, businesses, and shops have changed. The way we visit restaurants, purchase groceries, and go from place to place would be unrecognizable to our 6-months-ago selves. Even our vocabularies have changed. Never did we imagine finding so much comfort in the words “Plexiglas sneeze guards” or “social distancing markers.” 


Here at SAN, we’re working day and night to keep our airport safe for passengers and employees. With so much change all around us, we believe it’s more important than ever to provide the same exceptional service you’re familiar with – the service that reflects the warmth and friendliness of the city that’s a beautiful home to some and a magical vacation destination to others.  


Next time you travel with us, you’ll probably notice that everyone is wearing a mask, we’ve installed friendly social distancing markers, and our cleaning crews are hard at work keeping the terminals sanitized. These and many other measures are in place to ensure your journey is a safe one.


On your trip through SAN, you can do your part to keep yourself and those around you safe by wearing a mask, washing your hands, keeping your distance, and being well-prepared for your travels. And don’t forget to stay home if you’re sick!


Thank you for making SAN a part of your trip. We’re so happy you’re here.