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Volunteer Airport Ambassadors

Friday, January 25, 2019

At SAN, we believe in the triple bottom line of sustainability—measuring our impact with social, environmental, and economic yardsticks. We are committed to building an enduring and resilient enterprise by effectively managing our social, environmental, and financial risks, obligations, and opportunities.

One of the ways we work to support our customer strategy---to achieve the highest level of internal and external customer satisfaction—and the people element of our sustainability goals, is through our Airport Volunteer Program.

While traveling through SAN, you'll likely see one of the smiling faces in a blue shirt ready to answer questions, provide directions, or lend a helping hand. These are the SAN Volunteer Airport Ambassadors--our meeters, greeters, and ultimate source of information for passengers! Airport Ambassadors staff the information desks, walk with therapy dog teams, assist Wounded Warriors, help out during special events, and are available to assist over 22 million passengers a year (about 60,000 a day). They are a committed group of individuals that help provide customer service in a friendly manner at the gateway to "America's Finest City."

Did we say therapy dogs? Yes, check out our Ready, Pet, GO program! We understand that traveling can cause stress and anxiety and our Ambassador Therapy Dog Teams are here to help. Trained dogs and handlers roam periodically through the departures levels in each of the terminals so make sure to give the furry friends a good pet. Traveling with your own furry friend and they need to GO? We have a solution! Read more about our pet relief areas.

Next time you're traveling through SAN, feel free to ask our ambassadors for help or just stop by to say hello!

Happy traveling!