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The Quieter Home Program in the Digital Age

The Quieter Home Program in the Digital Age

For the last 16 years, the Quieter Home Program (QHP) has sound attenuated more than 4,300 homes in the most impacted areas around our airport; hundreds of staff, consultants, and contractors have interacted with thousands of homeowners in these neighborhoods…primarily in person. So how does a program that normally thrives on daily one-on-one personal interaction survive a pandemic and continue moving forward? Virtually, of course.

The QHP team has been busy continuing their high level of customer service in a variety of ways.

Efficient meetings:

Homeowner Information Meetings, which are an introduction to the program, are now held over video. Homeowners often have many questions and those interactions take time to go over when in person. In the virtual setting, homeowners have been asking the host questions via the video chat feature. This new way of engaging has cut meeting times in half, allowing for a more efficient use of time for all parties.

Home tours:

Home tours are an important step in understanding what the scope of work will be for the property. In the age of COVID-19, in person home tours are not feasible so how are the architects, engineers and QHP team collecting information on these homes? We are having homeowners take a good old-fashioned pen to paper and asking them to create simple drawings of their home layout. While it may seem simple in these high-tech times, these drawings have helped us understand each home’s needs. There are still times however, when we need actual measurements and visuals of the home. In these instances, we’ll get measurements from the exterior of the home and then have the homeowner do a walking video tour inside to capture some of the unique features.  

Safety precautions:

Some in-person interactions are still required. In these cases, our team is equipped with masks and they practice social distancing. Notary appointments for homeowners to sign Avigation Easements have been modified to appointment only, conducted outside in open air, everyone wears masks and portable Plexiglas stands are used. Our contractors have been following all precautions to keep themselves and the owners safe.

It’s taken some creativity and hard work to adjust to doing business virtually, but many things that have been adjusted will continue post-COVID-19 because of their efficiency. The QHP team is dedicated to the community and continuing business…no matter what obstacles come along.