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Smoking at SAN

Here at SAN we are completely smoke free indoors.</strong> However, we understand that some passengers want to smoke while traveling. To accommodate, San Diego International has eleven publicly available designated smoking areas near the terminals.

Monday, July 22, 2019

At SAN, smoking is permitted only inside of our designated areas. Section 7.03 of the Airport Authority Code and Section 2.2 of the Rules and Regulations require that passengers and employees smoke only in designated areas as they are located at least 25 feet from any facility entrance and have urns to help prevent cigarette butt pollution.

Recently, the Airport Authority did an assessment of our smoking areas—ensuring compliance with local, state, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements. Some areas were moved or removed to keep our building entrances smoke free. Additionally, we updated all smoking signage on our terminal doors for consistency and to reflect current smoking requirements. Finally, we have ramped up our monitoring, looking for and cleaning up cigarette butt pollution. This was a team effort with the Planning & Environmental Affairs, Facilities Management, and Airside & Terminal Operations departments.

Improperly disposed of cigarette butts become litter. Did you know that they make up an estimated 32% of litter cleaned from beaches? Cigarette butts take decades to decompose--leaving microplastics in the natural environment and leaching toxins that pose a threat to the natural world. We encourage smokers to use our ashtrays or to hold on to their butts! To learn more about our effort cleaning up local beaches check out our community blog. To learn more about our onsite stormwater management program, visit