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SAN Hosts Sustainability Fair

Thursday, October 18, 2018

At SAN, our main goal is to ensure passengers get from Point A to Point B as quickly, comfortably and efficiently as possible. Did you know that at any given time there are close to 9,000 employees working at the airport to achieve that goal? Lots of people and busy operations mean we can produce large amounts of waste, especially things like broken electronics, burned-out light bulbs, or old batteries.

To address these waste streams, the Airport Authority hosts an internal Sustainability Fair twice a year. These events provide recycling and donation opportunities to all Airport Authority employees, airport volunteers, and tenant/contractor employees.

In September, the Authority hosted over 150 attendees who took the opportunity to donate household items to Goodwill, recycle electronic and universal waste, and purchase discounted energy-efficient electronics and light bulbs. As a result, we were able to recycle 9,710 pounds of electronic waste — keeping it out of the landfill! Participants were also able to visit various educational booths to learn about energy efficiency, stormwater best practices, alternative transportation, waste diversion, and community service opportunities.

In 2017, through multiple sustainability fairs and sustainability initiatives, the Airport Authority was responsible for recycling over 20,000 pounds of electronic and universal waste. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, visit