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SAN Arts Program Welcomes Fall Performing Arts Resident & Debuts New Mural on Admiral Boland Way

SAN Arts Program Welcomes Fall Performing Arts Resident & Debuts New Mural on Admiral Boland Way

The San Diego International Airport (SAN) Arts Program includes performing arts, public art, and temporary exhibition components which are aimed at engaging travelers and creating an ambiance unique to the culture of San Diego. The Arts Program is pleased to announce the 2020 Fall Performing Arts Resident Artist, Margaret Noble and her featured work [Sky][Muse], as well as the debut of a new piece of work in the Admiral Boland Way mural series, Plein Air Port by Aaron Glasson.


Margaret Noble’s experimental artworks have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her interdisciplinary work resides at the intersection of sound, sculpture, and performance and is influenced by the dynamic, dance music cultures of southern California. Through her Performing Arts Residency, Noble will present a series of audio-visual works designed to ignite, delight, and reframe the airport experience. Inspired by Brian Eno’s seminal work ​Music for Airports​ and the historical art traditions of visual music and graphical notation, [Sky][Muse] is a collection of animated “scrolls” accessible through personal devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. For passengers preparing to move through portals, time zones, and geographies these short, digital works will enhance their travel by elevating their sensory experiences of color, light, and sound.  

From August to December 2020, these thematic digital programs will be available to airport audiences for personal engagement and public conversation. Themes of transformation, destination, and process are presented through the juxtaposition of being exactly somewhere and yet nowhere. Not limited to the experience of air travel, these works are available for anyone in waiting or on a journey. 

Plein Air Port

Aaron Glasson is a multi-disciplinary artist from New Zealand currently living in San Diego. He has completed large-scale permanent and temporary murals around the globe from Denver, Colorado to Delhi, India. Plein Air Port is a 144-foot-long piece that combines imagery of San Diego's varied landscape and unique airport architecture, blended with bold abstraction. The work is scheduled to remain on display through 2021 and accessible to the public from SAN’s interior roadway, Admiral Boland Way, between Palm and Sassafras streets.

When developing work, Glasson’s process is to have an extended engagement with an artwork’s site to draw inspiration from its ecosystem, people, and history. While developing his design for SAN, he created Plein Air Port paintings at the airport prior to the pandemic, giving the traveling public the chance to observe his creative process.

We hope you will have the opportunity to engage with these pieces of art, if you do be sure to tag us on social media @SanDiegoAirport and use #SANArts. For more information about SAN’s Art Program, please visit