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Safety with a Smile

We make the little things count

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

When it comes to traveling during a pandemic, we all have different comfort levels. Some of us are traveling regularly, with an abundance of caution. Others are planning and booking their next adventure, while some of us are still dreaming up our next getaway. We get it. And we want you to know no matter where you are in your travel planning, we’re ready for you.

That’s why right now we’re giving a lot of attention to the little things. And while safety comes first, smiles come second. So we’ve added a little extra care, a little extra sparkle, and a lot of extra heart to the way we do things at SAN. We’re keeping high touch areas meticulously clean, we’ve created more space in our dining areas and at the gates to keep you safe, and we’ve added friendly reminders throughout the airport to wear your masks (above the nose, please!) and wash your hands.

Next time you travel through SAN, we encourage you to enjoy the extra space, take in some airport artwork, or maybe take a moment to relax in our yoga room before you go. We know it’s a new kind of journey, one we’ve never experienced before, and we’re here to make sure all the little things add up to an enjoyable trip.