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Now Available: Three-Hour Parking Spaces

Friday, June 17, 2022

In case you haven’t heard, parking at the airport is extremely limited now that the Terminal 1 parking lot is closed. We understand this is not ideal, but please know that construction is moving a long and we will have a new parking structure in front of Terminal 1 by 2024 which will provide thousands of new on-site parking for passengers.

Until then, we realize there are certain situations when you need to park at the airport and just run in to find your friend or family member. Perhaps the person you are dropping off needs extra time to get to the terminal. The airport Ground Transportation team realized there will always be situations when someone needs to park for a brief amount of time to access the airport facilities, so they recently opened short-term parking spots for these reasons. 

Located on the surface lot next to the Terminal 2 Parking Plaza, just behind the USO, are 50 parking spots where people wanting to meet their arriving party in person and those with elderly, disabled, or unaccompanied minors who need help getting to their gate can park for up to three hours. 

“With all the construction impacts, we are working to accommodate the needs of every type of parker at SAN,” said Marc Nichols, Director of Ground Transportation. “We focused heavily on the needs of long-term parkers and realized that there are those who need short-term parking. We are starting with 50 parking spaces for short-term parkers and will reassess this as we evaluate the use of this newly opened section.”

The map above shows you where you can access these spots.