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Happy Earth Month From SAN

Happy Earth Month!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Happy Earth Month From SAN

Happy Earth Month!

During these uncertain times, we are certain that our commitment to be a sustainable organization is as important as ever. While many Earth Day programs have been cancelled due to COVID-19, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority still plans to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd and you can too!

Curious about how you can celebrate Earth Day from home, while practicing social distancing? Take a page from our book and try these ways to GO Green: Start Composting

In partnership with the City of San Diego and the Miramar Greenery, the Authority composts food scraps from our concessions and Authority breakrooms. You can start composting at home by using compost or worm bins for the food scraps left over from all your home cooking! The City of San Diego provides guides and even vouchers to get you started.

Save Water and Energy

SAN has comprehensive plans for water stewardship and sustainable energy—using innovation to reduce our consumption. At home, you can save resources by making the switch to Water Smart and Energy Star products. To use less water, look into rain barrels, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, cleaning dishes, and shaving, and water your plants only during cool times of the day and when they need it. To use less electricity or use cleaner energy, look into SDG&E’s Eco Choice program, switch your bulbs to LEDs, and on sunny days, turn off lights and open the blinds.

Use Electricity When It’s Less Expensive

SAN is building a battery energy storage system that will allow us to reduce our energy use when electricity is expensive and in high demand. The large battery will let us store the electricity that our solar produces and use it during peak times. At home, remember when you use electricity matters and avoid using large appliances and high-energy products from 4-9 pm.

Clean Up Your Neighborhood

Each year the Authority hosts two cleanups in the region in partnership with I Love a Clean San Diego. Next time you’re out on a walk, perform a mini clean up by picking up trash that pollutes the environment. Don’t forget your personal protection equipment like gloves!

Learn More

The Airport’s Planning & Environmental Department collaborates with other Airports, large venues, and industry groups to expand our knowledge about sustainability best practices. Take some time to explore virtual educational resources like the Small Footprint Family,  Tree Hugger, and Earth Day to learn more. SAN is committed to our sustainability initiatives as we maneuver through a new way of life. To learn more, visit