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Forces of Nature @ SAN

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Airport Arts Program's 2019 temporary exhibition, Forces of Nature, is now on full display, featuring artwork and collections that highlight San Diego's unique natural landscape.

As you stroll through the airport, take a moment to notice the art around you. Forces of Nature explores San Diego's four distinct geographical regions:  coast, valleys, mountains, and desert, which pairs nicely with the four classical elements of water, earth, air, and fire. Each piece addresses the complexity, fragility, and beauty of our region's natural landscape. Eighteen distinct installations by 16 different artists and organizations are now on display for passengers to enjoy. Participating artists were chosen by a jury of arts professionals based on creativity, unique use of media, and relevance to the exhibition theme.

The theme of nature reminds us that at SAN, we are passionate about shaping a more environmentally sustainable industry. The airport occupies 661 acres of sensitive waterfront property and we know that San Diego's natural landscape is one of the things that makes San Diego great. To learn more about how we are committed to more innovation and less impact while serving as champions of our ecosystem, visit

To learn more about San Diego International's comprehensive Arts Program, including our Public Art & Performing Arts initiatives, visit The Temporary Exhibitions Program supports the airport's mission of serving as a gateway to the region by showcasing the work of regional visual arts, cultural institutions, educational organizations, and community groups. Forces of Nature is available for viewing for the next year. A few pieces are featured below.