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#B2UbyH2O at SAN

#B2UbyH2O & Water Stewardship at SAN

Friday, February 15, 2019

San Diego is known as America's finest city. There's a lot that we think, makes our region great. We're one of the nation's top tourist destinations, we make world class products, we lead the nation in small farms, and we're a hub for coffee and beer!

As the international airport for one of the nation's top travel destinations, we take pride in our ability to provide safe and efficient transportation and excellent customer service for our 24 million passengers. We also take pride in our role conserving the region's natural resources – such as water.

Have you walked through the terminals recently and noticed our partnership with The San Diego County Water Authority?

The Water Authority's Brought to You By Water campaign, also known as #B2UbyH20, is an outreach and education program to raise awareness about the importance of safe and reliable water supplies for the San Diego region (including the airport!). Virtually everything we do depends on water — whether it's swimming at the beach, eating locally-sourced food and drinking locally-brewed coffee and beer, golfing at a golf course, or riding the attractions at one of our theme parks.

To conserve water, the airport has installed water-efficient fixtures throughout our campus and implemented drought-resistant landscaping. We closely monitor our water usage and we embrace creativity in water management through innovative programs such as condensate and rainwater collection and reuse. Check out our Water Stewardship Plan and to learn more about our operational sustainability, visit