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Regional Aviation Strategic Plan


Updated August 9, 2016

The Airport Authority explored opportunities to meet demandfor air service in the San Diego County region with the Regional AviationStrategic Plan (RASP). This was the first time in the county’s aviation historythat a comprehensive look at all the civilian airports was undertaken. The RASPwas mandated by Senate Bill 10, which was authored by State Senator ChristineKehoe and passed in 2007. The planning process took place from 2010-2011.

To learn more about the RASP findings, click on the linka bove to read the Technical Report.

If you have questions about the RASP, email

Technical Report

2050 Regional Transportation Plan

The Airport Authority has worked closely with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) as it concurrently developed its Airport Multimodal Accessibility Plan (AMAP), which will present a multimodal strategy to improve surface transportation to airports. SANDAG will ultimately incorporate the RASP recommendations into the AMAP and the region’s 2050 Regional Transportation Plan.

The graphic above shows how the RASP findings will be incorporated into the AMAP and 2050 RTP.

2050 RTP Video English Version Spanish Version

The 2050 RTP includes an Aviation and Ground Access Section that describes the region’s airports and related ground access planned to reach them. The Airport Authority prepares the aviation component of the RTP, as mandated in the legislation that created the Airport Authority. In addition, the 2050 RTP will include the results of the Regional Aviation Strategic Plan, which address how to meet the region’s demand for air service, as mandated in SB 10.