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2008 Airport Master Plan

The San Diego International Airport 2008 Master Plan documents the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s planning process for the 661 acres that comprise San Diego International Airport. Adopted by the Authority Board May 1, 2008, the 2008 Airport Master Plan provides guidance for development of the airport to meet continued passenger, cargo and operations growth at San Diego International Airport.

An airport master plan represents the approved actions to be accomplished for phased development of the airport. Master plans address the airfield, terminal, landside access improvements, modernization, and expansion of existing airports and establish the premise for planning for a new airport.

The five primary steps to the Airport Master Plan process are:

Aviation Forecast for Passengers and Operations

January-June 2004: Presentation of forecast for operations, passengers and cargo

  • Forecast Summary

Develop Facility Requirements

  • June-December 2004: Develop facility requirements; draft preliminary concepts 

Develop Concepts for the Airport Master Plan

Prepare update to Airport Master Plan:

  • Concept development for airport facilities
  • Coordinate with airport tenants and airlines
  • Incorporate the Retail Enhancement Plan
  • Develop off-airport roadway/transit plan
  • Coordinate with agency stakeholder
  • Public involvement process
  • Airport Land Use Plan (PDF - 204kb)
  • Proposed and Alternative Implementation Plans (PDF - 403kb) 

Prepare Cost Estimate and Finance Plan

  • Develop cost estimates on preliminary concepts
  • Conduct financial feasibility/rate of return analysis on specific project components
  • Conduct benefit cost analysis
  • Prepare preliminary finance plan on preferred alternative 

Conduct Environmental Review

  • After determination of proposed action, initiate State and Federal Environmental Review
  • CEQA Lead: Airport Authority
  • NEPA Lead: Federal Aviation
  • Environmental Impact Report


Environmental Assessment (EA) for the San Diego International Airport Master Plan Near Term Improvements

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the lead agency for the federal environmental review of the San Diego International Airport Master Plan Near Term Improvements. The San Diego International Airport Near Term Improvements identifies specific physical improvements at San Diego International Airport to allow the Airport to effectively continue its mission of serving San Diego's commercial air transportation needs as forecasted through 2015.

When viewing the EA document, you may click on any text in blue in the Table of Contents to jump to specific chapters, tables, figures or technical appendices. You may also open the "bookmarks" tab in Adobe Acrobat to quickly jump from one appendix or chapter to another. For direct access, see the links below.

Final EA Quick Reference

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority has prepared a Final
Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Airport Master Plan (including the adoption of an airport land use plan and implementation plan) for San Diego International Airport located in the City of San Diego.

On May 1, 2008, the Airport Authority Board certified the EIR.

Final EIR Quick Reference

Chapter 1: Executive Summary with Responses to Comments

You may click on any text in blue in the Table of Contents to jump to specific chapters or tables. For direct access, see the links below.

Chapters 2-7

  • Chapter 2: Introduction, Background and Project Description
  • Chapter 3: Project Objectives
  • Chapter 4: Proposed Project Alternatives
  • Chapter 5: Environmental Setting, Consequences and Mitigation Measures
  • Chapter 6: Other Effects of the Proposed Project
  • Chapter 7: Closing Sections


Appendices A-D

  • Appendix A: Notice of Preparation and Public and Agency Outreach
  • Appendix B: Noise and Its Effect on People
  • Appendix C: SIMMOD Technical Report
  • Appendix D: Traffic and Circulation
  • Appendix B Figures
  • Appendix D Figures

Appendices E-I

  • Appendix E: Air Quality
  • Appendix F: Historic Architectural Survey Report
  • Appendix G: Biological Resources
  • Appendix H: Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Appendix I: Forecast Report

An Airport Transit Plan has been prepared under the oversight by the Airport Transit/Roadway Committee with staff from all of the regional transportation agencies. Planned service and capital improvements for transit service in the vicinity of San Diego International Airport, as well as an analysis of the local and regional transit service to SAN are addressed in the Study. Transit improvements recommended in the Transit Plan include short-term (within 1 to 3 years), mid-term (3 to 5 years) and long-term (5+ years) improvements.