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SMALL BUSINESS RELIEF LOAN: SAN recognizes that many small businesses are facing economic challenges.

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  • MEDIVAC Flight
    November 25 at 4:20 a.m. flight N372BW departed in Medical Emergency (MEDIVAC) status. Due to COVID we are seeing a measurable uptick in such operations for life safety. These operations are exempt from the curfew. Read More
  • Noise Alert
    Due to Airfield Construction at North Island, expect an increase in military departures over the Point Loma area through December 2020. Read More

Flight Tracking & Submitting Noise Complaints

Web Based Flight Tracking

WebTrakTM is a flight tracking system that allows you to watch the movement of flights and air traffic patterns within the greater San Diego area. WebTrakTM includes the aircraft’s type, altitude, origin/destination airports, and flight identification. This system allows residents to review specific aircraft that created a noise concern and lodge a complaint to the Airport Noise Mitigation Office directly from the website. Flight operations information has a 5-minute delay. All data is post processed within 24-hours to incorporate the additional data sources that ensure the track is accurately displayed and complete. This may result in a track either not appearing online or changing after 24-hours. The data feed used in WebTrakTM comes directly from the FAA and includes the terminal area radar or airport surveillance radar (ASR) data, which is used by FAA air traffic control to sequence aircraft in and out of SAN. ASR data is the most accurate flight track data for displaying tracks in the communities surrounding SAN. To provide additional accuracy there are additional FAA data sources such as surface movement event services (SMES) and ground radar data and traffic flow management system (TFMS).

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Noise Tracking Resources