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14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 150, Aircraft Noise Compatibility Planning, was issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a final rule in January 1985. 14 CFR Part 150 sets forth the methodology and procedures to be followed when preparing aircraft noise exposure maps and developing airport /airport environs land use compatibility programs.

14 CFR Part 150 studies typically consist of two primary components: (1) the Noise Exposure Map (NEM) report which contains detailed information regarding existing and 5-year future airport/aircraft noise exposure patterns, and (2) the Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) report which includes descriptions and an evaluation of noise abatement and noise mitigation options/programs applicable to an airport.

The Airport Authority has completed an update to the Part 150 study, including new NEMs and an updated NCP. The links below are the draft final documents.

FAA Acceptance of Noise Exposure Map and Notice of Review of Noise Compatibility Program

FAA Record of Approval Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program

Aircraft Noise Compatibility Plan:

Cover Pages and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Inventory
Chapter 2 – Forecasts
Chapter 3 – Background on Noise
Chapter 4 – Existing and Future Noise Exposure
Chapter 5 – Land Use Analysis
Chapter 6 – Potential Measures
Chapter 7 – Operational Alternatives
Chapter 8 – Land Use Alternatives
Chapter 9 – Recommendations
Chapter 10 – Consultation


Appendix A - Acronym List - May 2022
Appendix B - FAA Approvals - May 2022
Appendix C - ANAC Recommendations - May 2022
Appendix D - Forecast - May 2022
Appendix E - Noise - May 2022
Appendix F - Aircraft Stages - May 2022
Appendix G - 2026 Non-Residential Land Uses - May 2022
Appendix H - Alternatives Development Screening Memo - May 2022
Appendix I - FAA Noise Shifting Letter - May 2022
Appendix J - Public Coordination - May 2022
Appendix K - Public Hearing - Comment Period - May 2022
Appendix L - Pandemic Forecast Analysis - May 2022

Historic Part 150 Files:

FAA Concurrence on SAN 2014 NEM Recertification
FAA's Cover Letter and Record of Approval
Noise Compatibility Program (NCP)
Noise Exposure Maps (NEM)

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