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Terminal Lots Rate
0-30 minutes $2.00
31 minutes to 1 hour $5.00
1.0-1.5 hours $7.00
1.5-2.0 hours $9.00
2.0-2.5 hours $11.00
2.5-3.0 hours $12.00
3.0-3.5 hours $15.00
3.5-4.0 hours $17.00
4.0-4.5 hours $19.00
4.5-5.0 hours $21.00
5.0-7.0 hours $27.00
7.0-24 hours $30.00
Additional Days $30.00
SDIA Long Term Lot 1 - Harbor Drive Daily Rate $20.00
SDIA Economy Lot - Pacific Hwy Daily Rate $13.00
SDIA Valet Daily Rate $38.00

San Diego International Airport has a number of parking options for travelers. Motorists can park on-site for up to 30 days. The airport offers parking lots conveniently located outside the Commuter Terminal, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. These lots are in high demand and can be expected to fill to capacity. See the additional parking lots below for more airport parking options.

Terminal 2 Parking

The short-term parking lot in front of Terminal 2 – which had been relocated for 15 months as part of The Green Build construction – is now open to airport visitors, providing more convenient parking for travelers flying out of Terminal 2. The lot offers 2180 close-in parking spaces for travelers and meeters/greeters and several innovative, environmentally friendly features.

SDIA Parking

SDIA Parking lots offer quick and easy access to the airport and are located in close proximity to airport terminals. The airport provides complimentary shuttle service to the terminals. You can find more information about our long-term parking lots here.

Complimentary round-trip shuttle transportation is provided from Economy Lot - Pacific Highway to the Cruise Ship Terminal.

There are two ways to pay for parking at the airport:

  1. Take your ticket with you, and use the automated express parking pay stations located outside Terminal 1. You can then use the express pay exit lane when leaving the terminal.
  2. Pay at the staffed payment booths at the exit gates of each parking lot.

Parking rates at San Diego International Airport are clearly posted at each parking lot. Both payment areas accept cash and major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diner’s Club). For your convenience, several ATMs are located within each terminal.

Lost tickets are charged at the maximum daily rate.

Disabled Parking

Parking for travelers with disabilities is available in all lots. Parking spaces for the disabled are available in these lots and the airport provides a wheelchair-accessible complimentary shuttle to the terminals. For additional information, call Ace Parking at 619.291.2087.

Parking Lot Security

Parking lots are regularly patrolled by airport personnel.

Vehicle Assistance

Emergency lockout service and/or towing can be arranged by calling Ace Parking at 619.291.2087.

Curbside Drop-Offs, Parking and Pick Up

Curbside parking is never permitted at San Diego International Airport. Curb fronts are reserved for active loading and unloading only, and stopping times should be brief. This policy is in accordance with heightened security measures and is strictly enforced by airport personnel.

Unattended vehicles and vehicles in “No Parking” areas will be ticketed and towed.

When picking up arriving travelers, be aware that parking in front of the terminals is in high demand and can be expected to fill to capacity. Alternatively, those meeting and greeting visitors can park in the airport’s convenient cell phone lot to avoid circling on airport roadways.

Parking Contact Information

Parking management services provided by Ace Parking. For additional questions about Airport parking, please call Ace Parking, 24 hours a day at 619.291.2087.

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