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Homeowners interested in the Quieter Home Program must submit a Participant Application. Once your application has been returned to the Program, your home will be placed on the General Waiting List. The Participant Application can be found here.

Waiting List

After your application has been returned to the Program, your home will be placed on the General Waiting List. Priority is given to those in the loudest noise impacted areas and with the longest length of ownership. Should a property change ownership while it’s on the waiting list, the new owner would inherit the previous owners waiting list position. It is not uncommon for homes to be on the Program’s waiting list for many years.

Homeowner Informational Meeting: Step 1 of 7 – Liberty Station Office

Once selected for a construction group, you will be invited to attend a Homeowner Informational Meeting. During this two hour meeting, the Program’s policies and general scope of work will be explained. You will have the opportunity to view sample products in the Program showroom, sign and notarize the Program required documents: Grant of Avigation Easement and Homeowner Participation Agreement. Note: All individuals listed on the deed for the home are required to attend this meeting.

Assessment: Step 2 of 7 – Your Home

Shortly after the Homeowner Informational Meeting, an architectural/engineering assessment will be conducted at your home. During this assessment, our Design Team will make a preliminary assessment of your home in its current condition to determine which treatments are necessary to make your home quieter. The Design Team is large, approximately 6-8 individuals, and is comprised of specialists in architecture, electrical and mechanical engineering. In addition, a representative will be there on behalf of the Airport Authority to answer any questions you may have. During this appointment, access to all rooms, attics, basement crawlspaces, closets, and electrical panels will be required.

Design Review: Step 3 of 7 – Liberty Station Office

During this appointment, the Design Team will review and discuss the proposed treatments to your home. A copy of the design package will be provided in advance for you to review prior to the appointment. This will be your last opportunity to accept the proposed treatments or withdraw from the Program.

Sound Testing Selected Homes - Your Home

If selected for sound testing, two additional appointments will be scheduled; one before and one after construction, to quantify the amount of sound entering your home. During both appointments, access will be needed to the interior and exterior of your home as the Program’s acoustical engineer consultant will operate a loud speaker outside of your home and will use microphones at various locations on the exterior and interior of your home.

Plan Check / Bidding / Authority Board Award

After your design review appointment, the Program will begin the plan check and bidding process. All plans will be submitted to the City of San Diego’s Development Services Department for the plan check process. If your home is designated historic, the City of San Diego Historic Resources Board will also conduct a review. Following the plan check process, the Airport Authority will publically bid the contract for which your home has been included. In keeping with public works contracting requirements, the lowest responsive and responsible bidder will be awarded the contract upon approval from the Airport Authority Board.

Measurement Walk: Step 4 of 7 – Your Home

During this appointment, the Contractor will take precise measurements for each window and door, as well as review the electrical and mechanical scope of work with the Design Team. If applicable, you will make final determinations of the window and door colors. If pre-work was previously identified, it must be completed by this appointment. Should your pre-work not be completed, the Program may have to remove your home from the construction group, which will cause a delay in construction.

Pre Construction Walkthrough: Step 5 of 7 – Your Home

A Pre-Construction Walkthrough appointment will be scheduled for a date approximately one week in advance of your construction start date. During this appointment, our Team will systematically go through your home to direct requirements necessary for you to prepare the home for construction. After this appointment and prior to construction, there will normally be work for you to do, such as: movement and storage of furniture, covering and protecting belongings, and general cleaning in order to provide sufficient access around the home.

Construction: Step 6 of 7 – Your Home

The construction duration on your home will depend upon the size of your home and complexity of the scope of work. An average duration for the entire construction period is approximately 15 to 30 business days. During this timeframe, access must be provided between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday – Friday, except Airport Authority holidays. Throughout the construction period, multiple construction trades - carpenters, painters, electricians, HVAC installers, and other specialized trades - will be in your home at various times to complete the sound insulation improvements. Any windows and doors that are removed will be replaced and be operational and lockable within the same day. During the work, Program staff will make periodic inspections to ensure the Contractor is meeting the requirements of the plans and specifications. They will also meet with the Contractor at the end of the work to conduct a “punchlist inspection” walkthrough to determine final items that need to be corrected. The Program understands the importance of your time and will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience to you. However, construction in a home (while it is occupied) has some inherent inconveniences. Experience has shown that the end result of a quieter home will more than compensate for these temporary disruptions.

Post Construction Walkthrough: Step 7 of 7 – Your Home

This final appointment, to be conducted upon completion of your home, is to identify how to operate all installed products and address any questions/concerns that you may have. Prior to this appointment, the Homeowner shall complete a Post-Insulation Survey. If the Survey is not completed prior to this appointment, Program staff will take a hand written survey at the appointment. Following the appointment and completion of the Survey, your Warranty Package, containing the Contractor’s and product manufacturer warranty information, will be delivered.

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