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Homeowner Requirements
Measuring the Improvement
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Our History

In 1998, the Unified Port of San Diego, then operator of the San Diego International Airport (SDIA), launched a pilot sound insulation program to determine the feasibility of sound insulating homes in the communities surrounding SDIA. The results showed that such a program would be feasible. By 2001, the Program was fully operational, with insulation starting within the highest noise impacted areas. Since 2003, the Program has functioned under the Airport Authority, who acquired control of SDIA the same year. Since then, the Program’s pace has increased and the Program’s geographical area has expanded to include the communities of Loma Portal/Ocean Beach, Bankers Hill/Middletown, and Golden Hill/South Park. Today, the Program is one of the largest remaining airport residential sound insulation programs in the country. In 2011, the Program reached a major milestone with the completion of its 2,000th dwelling unit.

Our Goals and Requirements

The goal of the Quieter Home Program is to reduce the interior noise level within treated homes by at least five decibels (dB); however, results may vary depending upon the existing construction of the home. In order to achieve this goal, the Program may retrofit exterior doors and windows, install a ventilation system, and may conduct other miscellaneous treatments; however, the actual treatments in your home may vary. In order to determine if the Program is reaching this goal, a sample of 10% of homes participating within each of the Program’s groups are acoustically tested before and after construction.

The Program must also take into account the historical nature of each property it treats, which requires that the Program conduct an historical evaluation on all homes that apply for the Program. Following this evaluation, your home will be designated as either ‘Historic’ or ‘Non-Historic’ in the context of the Program. This historical designation determines how the Program can treat your home and which products can and cannot be used.

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