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Does the Program cost me anything?

There is no financial cost to the homeowner for Program treatments. However, each homeowner is required to grant an Avigation Easement to the Airport Authority. This easement limits the homeowner's ability to initiate legal action against the Airport Authority for aircraft noise-related issues. Additionally, the homeowner would be required to pay the costs for correcting any pre-work items. Also, if the homeowner hires an outside party to remove or re-install window dressings, move furniture, disconnect and reconnect security alarm systems, etc., the homeowner is responsible for those costs.

I recently installed new windows and doors, and it looks like my home is eligible for the Program. Can I get reimbursed?

Similar work completed by homeowners before their home is treated by the Program is not eligible for reimbursement.

Will my property be reassessed from the new construction?

No, the County Assessor's Office will not increase the value of homes that are part of the Airport Authority’s Residential Sound Insulation Program. During construction, however, you will need to complete and return a form mailed to you from the County Assessor's Office. A sample of how to complete the form can be found here.

How much quieter will my home be after my construction is completed?

The Program’s goal is to reduce the interior noise level in participating homes by at least five dB, which is quite a noticeable difference.

What if I'm new to the Quieter Home area, or decide to rent out my house?

Program priority will be given to homes within the greatest noise impacted areas and to residents who have owned the homes in these areas the longest. The Program does not favor owner occupied vs. non-owner occupied properties.

How long does the Program take?

The entire process can take multiple years, depending upon how long your home is on the waiting list. Once in a construction group it takes approximately 2-3 years for all of the steps, including construction, to be completed.

Do I have to attend all the meetings?

It is mandatory that the homeowner attend all the meetings. If the owner is unable to attend a meeting, a designated power of attorney must attend on their behalf. If neither is able to attend, the home may be removed from the construction group and be placed back on the waiting list.


How do I know if my home is eligible?

Homes within one of the Program’s three established Program Boundaries may be eligible for the Program. To see if your home falls within the Program Boundary, click here to view the maps.

Are multi-family and condo buildings eligible?

Yes, multi-family and condo buildings are eligible, regardless of the number of units in the building and/or complex. Please note: if you own a property within a condominium building, participation may be required from all owners in the building/complex.

I rent my property, is it still eligible?

Yes, all tenant occupied properties are treated in the same manner as owner occupied properties.

If I sell my home after I apply, does the new owner go to the bottom of the waiting list?

No, the new owner would inherit your waiting list position, should they choose to participate in the Program. The new owner would need to complete a Participant Application.

My home is not within the Program Boundary, will it be eligible for the Quieter Home Program in the future?

Please give us a call at 619-400-2660 or email quieterhome@san.org; we will review your property in our database and be happy to talk with you.

I initially declined to participate in the Program, but I now want to participate. Am I still eligible?

Your home would remain eligible on the basis that it is still within the Program Boundary. You would need to complete another Participant Application and, once completed, your home would go back on the Program’s waiting list.


Do I get my choice of product styles and colors?

Whenever possible, windows and doors are replaced with the same style that is installed in your home at the time of the Assessment appointment. On occasion, a style may need to be changed to comply with building code requirements and product availability. You will make your color selections with the Contractor at the Measurement Walk appointment. All colors must be finalized at this time so the contractor can order your products.

Who are the Vendors?

We have a variety of approved Vendors for our Program. For details please visit the Vendor Page.

Can I purchase my own hardware for the contractor to install?

No, all products installed will come with manufacturer-direct high quality hardware. Due to the uniqueness of the acoustical products installed, privately purchased hardware may not fit and the replacement of hardware may void the manufacturer warranty.

If I don't like what's offered, can I upgrade and pay the difference?

No, the Program has specific guidelines that do not allow this practice.


How long does construction take on a home?

That depends on the size and complexity of the home. Generally speaking, construction takes about 15-30 business days.

Do I have to be present for the entire construction duration or can a friend or family member be present for me during construction?

It is preferable that the homeowner or an acting legal agent be present during construction. If neither can be present, construction can still continue, but please keep in mind that you or your designee must be able to be reached right away if a product or installation issue arises.

How do I know all my Quieter Home construction is up to code?

During construction, the Program’s Construction Inspector will visit your home to verify all work is in accordance with the plans and specifications. After construction is complete, a Building Inspector with City of San Diego’s Development Service Department will visit your property to verify the work completed complies with all applicable building codes. They will then sign off on the open building permit for your home. If the City’s Inspector discovers code violations or installation issues with any part or portion of your scope of work, they will notify the Contractor, who will be required to resolve the issue in order for the permit to be closed.

How do I know my property will be safe during construction?

Any windows and doors that are removed will be replaced, operational and lockable within the same day. Should asbestos or lead paint be found in your home, the Contractor will be required to take the proper precautions and follow applicable local, state, and federal procedures. The contractors are fully insured to cover property damage, should it occur due to construction. However, the homeowner is responsible for securing valuables during construction.

How I do prepare for construction?

During all appointments that take place at your home, a member of the Program and/or Contractor will identify furniture, window dressings, breakables, and any additional items that will need to be moved prior to construction. You will be required to move these items to allow for sufficient access to all areas being treated. Approximately one week prior to your construction start date, we will contact you to schedule a Pre-Construction Walkthrough appointment to discuss how you will be required to prepare your home for construction.

Will construction occur on holidays?

Construction will occur between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday – Friday, except Airport Authority holidays, including:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Presidents' Day
  • Cesar Chavez Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve


Does the Quieter Home Program provide maintenance on the products installed?

No, while the Program does not provide maintenance on the products installed, each product installed will be covered by a manufacturer warranty. The warranty period will vary with each manufacturer. Following the completion of your home, you will be provided a warranty package containing all warranty information for all products installed in your home.

Is there a workmanship warranty?

Yes, our Contractors are required to provide a one-year material and labor warranty from the date of final completion. Homeowners will be responsible for contacting the Contractor directly for warranty calls. Included in your warranty package will be the Contractor’s warranty and contact information. Following the one-year warranty period, all warranty calls must be directed to the product manufacturer.

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