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The San Diego International Airport Master Plan documents the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s planning process for the 661 acres that comprise San Diego International Airport. Adopted by the Authority Board May 1, 2008, the Airport Master Plan provides guidance for development of the airport to meet continued passenger, cargo and operations growth at San Diego International Airport.

An airport master plan represents the approved actions to be accomplished for phased development of the airport. Master plans address the airfield, terminal, landside access improvements, modernization, and expansion of existing airports and establish the premise for planning for a new airport.

master plan process

The five primary steps to the Airport Master Plan process are:

  • Aviation Forecast for Passengers and Operations
    • January-June 2004: Presentation of forecast for operations, passengers and cargo
  • Develop Facility Requirements
    • June-December 2004: Develop facility requirements; draft preliminary concepts
  • Develop Concepts for the Airport Master Plan
    • Prepare update to Airport Master Plan:
  • Prepare Cost Estimate and Finance Plan
    • Develop cost estimates on preliminary concepts
    • Conduct financial feasibility/rate of return analysis on specific project components
    • Conduct benefit cost analysis
    • Prepare preliminary finance plan on preferred alternative

  • Conduct Environmental Review
    • After determination of proposed action, initiate State and Federal Environmental Review
      • CEQA Lead: Airport Authority
      • NEPA Lead: Federal Aviation
        • Environmental Impact Report


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