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Airport Development Plan
Airport Layout Plan
Airport Master Plan
Airport Competition Plan
The Green Build
Land Use Compatibility
North Side Development
Regional Aviation Strategic Plan
Airport Noise Mitigation
Quieter Home Program
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Airport Master Plan

In an effort to maximize the use of San Diego International Airport, the Airport Authority developed the Airport Master Plan. In 2005, the Authority Board selected the build-out of Terminal 2 West as the preferred alternative. With the environmental review process already under way, construction of 10 additional gates, airfield improvements, structured parking and more efficient airport roadways is expected to begin in 2009.

An airport master plan represents the approved actions to be accomplished for phased development of the airport. Master plans address the airfield, terminal, landside access improvements, modernization, and expansion of existing airports and establish the premise for planning for a new airport. More...

The Green Build: Moving Forward, Soaring Higher

The Green Build is a series of construction projects taking place through the year 2012 at the west end of San Diego International Airport. The projects will help the airport meet current and future demand by enhancing passenger and aircraft flow, terminal amenities, roadways and the airfield. Projects include:

  • a 10-gate build-out of Terminal 2 West
  • an elevated dual-level roadway with convenient curbside check-in kiosks
  • expanded shopping and dining areas
  • airfield improvements to enhance the efficiency of aircraft movements

The “Green” in The Green Build stands for environmentally friendly aspects being integrated throughout the projects, as well as for the significant economic benefits – including over 1,000 construction jobs during peak construction – these projects will bring to the region. More...

Land Use Compatibility

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is committed to protecting the safety and welfare of the general public and the ability of airports to operate now and in the future. One of the Authority’s responsibilities is to serve as the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) for San Diego County. The ALUC is charged with creating or updating Airport Land Use Compatibility Plans (ALUCPs) for the region's 16 public-use and military airports in accordance with applicable state and federal law. More...

Regional Aviation Strategic Plan

Senate Bill 10, authored by Senator Christine Kehoe and passed in 2007, mandates that the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (Airport Authority), in collaboration with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), prepare a Regional Aviation Strategic Plan (RASP) to identify workable strategies to improve the performance of the regional airport system in San Diego County. (RASP) to identify workable strategies to improve the performance of the regional airport system in San Diego County.

Each airport’s capabilities and resources will be carefully considered to ensure maximum efficiency and utilization.

The Airport Authority launched a two-year process to develop long-range recommendations for all of the county’s civilian airports with the goal of improving the performance of the regional airport system. More...


The mission of Airport Noise Mitigation is to reduce the aircraft noise impact on the community through mitigation programs while monitoring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, thus maintaining an environmentally viable airport. Programs include the Quieter Home Program, Curfew Violation Review Panel, Noise Advisory Committee, Flight Tracker, Airport Use Regulations (noise curfew) and more. More...


It is the goal of the Airport Authority to plan, design and operate San Diego International Airport in a manner that shows the utmost respect for our unique natural setting – an urban center on the shore of San Diego Bay. The Airport Authority strives to protect the wide variety of natural resources that exist at this location. Every aspect of the existing and future activities at the Airport are designed to protect these natural resources, as well as the health and well-being of the traveling public that pass through our facility, and surrounding neighborhoods and communities, and the people that work at the Airport.

Key responsibilities include planning for and promoting sustainable airport development; ensuring compliance with all environmental laws and regulations; responsibly managing environmental issues pertaining to the airport's operations and its potential impacts to surrounding areas; protecting and promoting the natural resources within the Airport Authority's jurisdiction; and disseminating public information. More...

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