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What is the Airport Development Plan (ADP)?
The Airport Development Plan is the next phase of planning for San Diego International Airport. The ADP will identify improvements to enable the airport to meet demand through 2035.

How is ADP different from the Airport Master Plan?
The ADP is the next phase of planning for San Diego International Airport. The 2008 Airport Master Plan (culminating in The Green Build) will be considered as part of the planning update.

What will the ADP consider?
The ADP will result in a plan that considers:

  • The future of Terminal 1
  • Redevelopment of the former Teledyne-Ryan property
  • Input to SANDAG as it plans for effective intermodal transportation facilities
  • Creation of new non-airline revenue opportunities

As part of this process, a new passenger and operations forecast has been completed, taking into account anticipated changes in the airline industry, as well as local and national economies.

What will the ADP accomplish?

  • Provide facilities to meet future demand in the San Diego region
  • Recommend improvements that are financially feasible
  • Maximize non-airline revenue opportunities
  • Maintain our excellent level of service for airport users, especially visitors to the region, who comprise more than half of SDIA’s passengers
  • Continue to contribute to the region’s economic viability

Who is spearheading the ADP?
The Airport Authority’s planning staff, acting under Board direction, is leading the ADP process. They have support from national consulting firms that have worked with the Airport Authority on complex initiatives such as the Regional Aviation Strategic Plan. Additionally, the Airport Authority will engage both technical and community stakeholders to obtain input throughout the four-year process – including airlines and regional agencies.

What other improvements are currently under way or being planned for San Diego International Airport?
Other capital improvements either under construction or in the planning/design phases include a fixed-base operator facility for general aviation, relocated surface parking and rental car center. SANDAG is leading plans to develop an intermodal transit center that will connect to the airport.

What is the timeline for the ADP?
Staff anticipates that the planning and environmental review process will take approximately four years (2012-2016).

How much will the ADP cost?
The four-year process, including environmental review, will cost $6.5 million and will be funded through airport revenues and user fees, not local tax dollars.

What is the cost estimate associated with each of the concepts?
Over the next few months, staff will be working with consultants to determine preliminary cost estimates for each of the concepts. That information will be presented to the Airport Authority Board in late 2014/early 2015 as part of the discussion to select a preferred concept for the environmental review process.

Why do we need to go through this planning process?
Despite economic ups and downs, air travel demand recovers quickly and shows consistent growth over time. It takes years to plan and design significant airport improvements. The San Diego County region must be proactive in planning for the next inevitable growth phase. However, the Airport Authority will only initiate construction based on activity levels, demonstrated need for such improvements and available funding.

Why are you doing another study on SDIA when you should focus on building a new airport?
In 2006, Proposition A, to consider MCAS Miramar as the site for a new civilian airport, was defeated. There are no foreseeable options for building a new airport, so the Airport Authority has a clear responsibility to maintain and enhance San Diego’s existing airport.

Are you building a second runway?
Since 1989, 17 different options for adding a second runway have been evaluated and determined to be infeasible. The obstacles include (but are not limited to) significant environmental and social impacts and cost. None of the options would add enough capacity to justify the financial, environmental and social costs. Therefore, a second runway is not being considered.

When the next round of Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) gets under way is the Authority planning to go after MCRD?
The Airport Authority has no intention of putting the region’s vitally necessary military facilities at risk in any way. At this time there is no opportunity for acquisition of MCRD, and we don’t anticipate that changing.

Will this plan include a parking structure?
Parking is one of the airport support functions that will be studied. Anticipated demand, transit enhancements and various options for meeting parking demand will be evaluated.

Will there be opportunities for public input?
Public input is welcome. Community meetings/open houses will be scheduled to inform the public about the plan and its goals. There will be multiple opportunities for public input throughout the planning process and formal environmental review. You can submit questions and comments via email at adp@san.org

How can I learn more about the Airport Development Plan?
For updates on the ADP and other airport news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Pinterest. Or to sign up for ADP email updates, send an email to rbloomfi@san.org.

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