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Airport Projects

Airport Competition Plan

The San Diego International Airport Competition Plan, as required and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, documents the Authority’s plan to enhance competition among airlines at the airport.

Land Use Compatibility

One of the Authority's responsibilities is to serve as the Airport Land Use Commission for San Diego County, which is charged with creating or updating Airport Land Use Compatibility Plans for the region's 16 public-use and military airports in accordance with applicable state and federal law.

Airport Development Plan

The Airport Development Plan (ADP) is the next master-planning phase for San Diego International Airport. The ADP is designed to identify improvements that will enable the airport to meet demand through 2035.

Airport Layout Plan

The Airport Layout Plan (ALP) is a graphic planning tool that depicts both existing facilities and planned development for an airport. The ALP is a plan that shows boundaries and proposed additions to all areas owned or controlled for airport purposes. The location and nature of existing and proposed airport facilities and structures as well as existing and proposed non-aviation areas and improvements can be found in the ALP.

Federal Inspection Station

Construction has begun on a new Federal Inspection Station (FIS) to house Customs and Border Protection and other international passenger arrival services in Terminal 2 West. The new facility will ultimately replace the current FIS in Terminal 2 East, which will remain open during construction.

North Side Improvements

To maximize the airport’s efficiency and make the most of the airport’s 661-acre footprint, SAN is moving forward with a series of improvements on the north side of the Airport.

Parking Plaza

San Diego International Airport is one of the most “under parked” airports in the country – that means there aren’t enough close-in short-term parking spots to meet demand. In July, the Airport Authority Board gave staff the “green light” to proceed with design and construction of a long-anticipated parking plaza adjacent to Terminal 2.

Regional Aviation Strategic Plan

The Airport Authority is exploring opportunities to meet demand for air service in the San Diego County region. The Regional Aviation Strategic Plan (RASP) identifies and analyzes 15 alternative scenarios that could potentially work together to improve capacity of the regional airport system.

Airport Noise Mitigation

The mission of Airport Noise Mitigation is to reduce the aircraft noise impact on the community through mitigation programs while monitoring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, thus maintaining an environmentally viable airport.

Environmental Affairs

The Airport Authority is committed to building and operating sustainably, and strives to protect the wide variety of natural resources that exist at San Diego International Airport.

Quieter Home Program

The Quieter Home Program is the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s Residential Sound Insulation Program. The FAA has determined that residences within the 65+ decibel level contour map around SDIA may be eligible for sound insulation treatments to mitigate aircraft noise.

2008 Airport Master Plan

The San Diego International Airport Master Plan documents the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s planning process for the 661 acres that comprise San Diego International Airport. Adopted by the Authority Board May 1, 2008, the Airport Master Plan provides guidance for development of the airport to meet continued passenger, cargo and operations growth at San Diego International Airport.

The Green Build

As the largest improvement project in the airport’s history, The Green Build helps meet the airport’s current and future demand for travel, while improving customer service and serving as an economic stimulus for the San Diego region.