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Concessionaire and Other Tenant Resources

New Terminal 1

The Terminal has a distinctive identity whose architecture is inspired by San Diego’s sun, geology, flora and fauna. The concession program takes its cue from the nautical and cultural heritage of the region.

Passengers enter the level 2 ticketing hall either through elevated sky bridges or escalators from the arrivals curb. Once through the grand ticketing hall, one is immersed in the light filled space with floor to ceiling art glass on the south side. The space will be sun filled by day, and illuminated at night like a jewel-box, glowing from within. Passenger check in services and TSA security checkpoint queues that lead to the concourse are on the north side.

The linear T1 concourse directs customers both east and west. Retail, food, and beverage offerings are located within expansive dining halls that provide inviting spaces, where passengers can rest, shop, have a bite to eat, or take in a show. Concourse departure lounges are designed with hospitality in mind, to deliver an elevated and relaxing guest experience, like that of an airline lounge. A variety of seating offers passengers choice, while strategically placed concessions that are close by give the opportunity to dine or shop while waiting to depart. Arriving passengers are guided from the concourse, past the varied concessionaire offerings to level 1 baggage claim carrousels.

Concessionaires are to provide a strong presence with a distinctive identity within the Terminal. Concessionaires will explore unique design solutions including signage and storefront compositions to maximize their presence within their space. Concessions spaces will blend into the building within a defined design control zone that will set standards for finishes and signage. Refer to the 2022 Concession Design Manual for additional base building information, imagery, and layouts.

Facilities Criteria Document 2015 (FCD)


1 7/1/2015 Facilities Criteria Document 2015 (FCD) 2.5 MB