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"Luminous wave" coming to New T1

Monday, July 17, 2023

Do waves and sunlight come to mind when you think of San Diego? 

San Diego International Airport sits just across from the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean, where the designers of the New Terminal 1 drew inspiration for its facade. 

The façade of the ticketing hall, named the “Luminous Wave” will be made of curved glass panels that will open to views and daylight from both the inside and out.

The design was a collaboration between Gensler and artist Jamie Carpenter as part of the Arrive design-build team, who utilized sun studies, sun angles, and computer modeling to create the design which resembles light and water rippling on the surface of the ocean. 

The 800’ long, 33’ feet high ticketing hall façade will be made of curved glass panels that are each 14’ and 5’ tall.

They are fabricated to reduce sun glare and heat build-up for passengers and employees inside - no shades needed!

Just recently, New Terminal 1 workers had an opportunity to practice assembling the “Luminous Wave” with a mock-up of the walls so that they can identify any challenges and issues before building the actual terminal. 

You can read more about the New Terminal 1 at