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Regional Aviation Strategic Plan


As part of the enactment of California Senate Bill 10 of 2007, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority developed a Regional Aviation Strategic Plan (RASP) in 2011 to identify strategies to optimize the performance of the regional airport system, which includes the 12 public use airports in San Diego County and the Tijuana International Airport. The RASP was intended to align with the development of an Airport Multimodal Access Plan (AMAP) by SANDAG, and both plans were to be compatible with SANDAG’s 2050 Regional Transportation Plan, which was finalized in 2011.

SB10 also directed the Airport Authority to periodically review and update, if necessary, the RASP. To this end, the Airport Authority published a report in 2021 to document the region’s collective progress in implementing the RASP and its continued compatibility with SANDAG’s regional transportation planning efforts.

To learn more about the RASP findings, click on the tab titled “Technical Report” above to see both the 2011 RASP and 2021 RASP Implementation Report.

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2021 RASP Implementation Report

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2050 Regional Transportation Plan

The Airport Authority has worked closely with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) as it concurrently developed its Airport Multimodal Accessibility Plan (AMAP), which will present a multimodal strategy to improve surface transportation to airports. SANDAG will ultimately incorporate the RASP recommendations into the AMAP and the region’s 2050 Regional Transportation Plan.

The graphic above shows how the RASP findings will be incorporated into the AMAP and 2050 RTP.

Every four years, SANDAG prepares and updates a combined Regional Transportation Plan and Regional Comprehensive Plan – known as “San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan” – in collaboration with the 18 cities and County of San Diego, along with regional, state, and federal partners.  The Regional Plan provides a blueprint for a sustainable future for the San Diego region and addresses economic growth, environmental preservation, social equity, and other quality of life topics.

The Airport Authority prepares the aviation components of The Regional Plan, as mandated in its enabling legislation.  In addition, the RASP helps inform The Regional Plan’s strategies to improve ground access to the region’s airports.

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Regional Partners

For the 2011 RASP, the Airport Authority convened an official RASP Subcommittee.  A link to all the Subcommittee Meeting documents can be found using the links below.  For the 2021 RASP Implementation Report, the Airport Authority and its consultants worked with Regional Partners to compile the report.

Regional Partners