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Effective June 5, 2014, all Delta Air Lines and affiliate flights, including flights to Los Angeles/LAX, will operate out of Terminal 2.

Airline Schedule Type Flight Number  
Airline Flight NumberTypeRouteGateSched TimeAct TimeRemarks
Southwest1011DepartureSacramento29:55 AM9:55 AMOn Time
Southwest1026ArrivalLas Vegas31:05 PM1:05 PMOn Time
Southwest1026DepartureOakland31:35 PM1:35 PMOn Time
Southwest1027ArrivalPhoenix17:10 AM7:10 AMOn Time
Southwest1027DepartureSeattle17:40 AM7:40 AMOn Time
Southwest1070DepartureLas Vegas19:30 AM9:30 AMOn Time
Southwest1231DepartureDenver47:25 AM7:25 AMOn Time
Southwest1310ArrivalSan Jose74:40 PM4:40 PMOn Time
Southwest1338ArrivalSan Jose32:50 PM2:50 PMOn Time
Southwest1339DepartureOakland33:25 PM3:25 PMOn Time
Southwest1413DeparturePhoenix24:20 PM4:20 PMOn Time
Southwest1494ArrivalOakland61:50 PM1:50 PMOn Time
Southwest1494DeparturePhoenix62:20 PM2:20 PMOn Time
Southwest1496ArrivalOakland211:55 AM11:55 AMOn Time
Southwest1525ArrivalOakland27:55 AM7:55 AMOn Time
Southwest1525DeparturePhoenix28:25 AM8:25 AMOn Time
Southwest1532DeparturePhoenix111:50 AM11:50 AMOn Time
Southwest1532ArrivalSeattle111:15 AM11:15 AMOn Time
Southwest1564DeparturePhoenix410:10 AM10:10 AMOn Time
Southwest1582ArrivalSacramento29:20 AM9:20 AMOn Time
Southwest1702DeparturePhoenix56:55 AM6:55 AMOn Time
Southwest1893DepartureSacramento104:20 PM4:20 PMOn Time
Southwest1897DepartureSan Jose76:20 AM6:20 AMOn Time
Southwest1900ArrivalSacramento92:50 PM2:50 PMOn Time
Southwest1902DepartureSan Jose93:20 PM3:20 PMOn Time
Southwest1904DepartureSacramento106:35 AM6:35 AMOn Time
Southwest2008DepartureOakland99:50 AM9:50 AMOn Time
Southwest2029ArrivalSan Francisco411:05 AM11:05 AMOn Time
Southwest2030DepartureSan Francisco411:35 AM11:35 AMOn Time
Southwest2031ArrivalSan Francisco43:05 PM3:05 PMOn Time
Southwest2032DepartureSan Francisco43:35 PM3:35 PMOn Time
Southwest2043DepartureSan Francisco38:05 AM8:05 AMOn Time
Southwest2050ArrivalSan Francisco108:55 AM8:55 AMOn Time
Southwest2051DepartureSan Francisco109:25 AM9:25 AMOn Time
Southwest2052ArrivalSan Francisco512:55 PM12:55 PMOn Time
Southwest2076ArrivalOakland112:55 PM12:55 PMOn Time
Southwest2076DepartureAlbuquerque11:30 PM1:30 PMOn Time
Southwest2119DepartureLas Vegas107:55 AM7:55 AMOn Time
Southwest2119ArrivalSacramento107:15 AM7:15 AMOn Time
Southwest2144ArrivalPortland1011:15 AM11:15 AMOn Time
Southwest2145DepartureSeattle1011:55 AM11:55 AMOn Time
Southwest2280DepartureSan Jose21:50 PM1:50 PMOn Time
Southwest2280ArrivalAlbuquerque21:20 PM1:20 PMOn Time
Southwest2297ArrivalKansas City84:20 PM4:20 PMOn Time
Southwest2309ArrivalTucson77:20 AM7:20 AMOn Time
Southwest2309DepartureOakland77:55 AM7:55 AMOn Time
Southwest2349ArrivalChicago81:55 PM1:55 PMOn Time
Southwest2350DepartureChicago82:40 PM2:40 PMOn Time
Southwest2353ArrivalDenver67:55 AM7:55 AMOn Time
Southwest2353DepartureSan Jose68:40 AM8:40 AMOn Time
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