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Airline Schedule Type Flight Number  
Airline Flight NumberTypeRouteGateSched TimeAct TimeRemarks
Southwest100ArrivalAtlanta910:35 AM10:35 AMOn Time
Southwest1006ArrivalAlbuquerque511:55 AM11:55 AMOn Time
Southwest1016ArrivalSan Antonio31:05 PM1:05 PMOn Time
Southwest1074ArrivalChicago610:55 AM10:55 AMOn Time
Southwest1102ArrivalSan Francisco412:55 PM12:55 PMOn Time
Southwest1166ArrivalOakland73:45 PM3:50 PMOn Time
Southwest1189ArrivalSan Jose83:30 PM3:30 PMOn Time
Southwest124ArrivalDenver71:20 PM1:20 PMOn Time
Southwest1271ArrivalOakland87:40 AM7:40 AMOn Time
Southwest1303ArrivalOakland101:00 PM1:00 PMOn Time
Southwest136ArrivalDenver14:25 PM4:25 PMOn Time
Southwest1369ArrivalSan Jose27:55 AM7:55 AMOn Time
Southwest137ArrivalLas Vegas23:30 PM3:30 PMOn Time
Southwest1370ArrivalSacramento67:30 AM7:30 AMOn Time
Southwest1631ArrivalPhoenix17:10 AM7:10 AMOn Time
Southwest1713ArrivalAlbuquerque64:30 PM4:30 PMOn Time
Southwest177ArrivalLas Vegas110:35 AM10:35 AMOn Time
Southwest1788ArrivalSan Jose212:30 PM12:30 PMOn Time
Southwest2079ArrivalTucson82:10 PM2:10 PMOn Time
Southwest214ArrivalSan Jose410:20 AM10:20 AMOn Time
Southwest2330ArrivalSacramento102:15 PM2:15 PMOn Time
Southwest2350ArrivalPhoenix98:40 AM8:40 AMOn Time
Southwest258ArrivalLas Vegas512:55 PM12:55 PMOn Time
Southwest279ArrivalDenver610:05 AM10:05 AMOn Time
Southwest291ArrivalPhoenix63:20 PM3:20 PMOn Time
Southwest2947ArrivalLas Vegas712:20 PM12:20 PMOn Time
Southwest2971ArrivalSan Francisco54:20 PM4:20 PMOn Time
Southwest3043ArrivalLas Vegas97:05 AM7:05 AMOn Time
Southwest312ArrivalTucson89:40 AM9:40 AMOn Time
Southwest3142ArrivalSacramento310:25 AM10:25 AMOn Time
Southwest319ArrivalPhoenix311:55 AM11:55 AMOn Time
Southwest3410ArrivalSacramento912:05 PM12:05 PMOn Time
Southwest3504ArrivalPhoenix105:20 PM5:20 PMOn Time
Southwest3673ArrivalSan Francisco13:00 PM3:00 PMOn Time
Southwest3756ArrivalSan Francisco29:20 AM9:20 AMOn Time
Southwest3847ArrivalKansas City711:20 AM11:20 AMOn Time
Southwest4016ArrivalLas Vegas92:40 PM2:40 PMOn Time
Southwest4033ArrivalPhoenix810:35 AM10:35 AMOn Time
Southwest4034ArrivalOakland84:45 PM4:45 PMOn Time
Southwest4387ArrivalSacramento79:30 AM9:30 AMOn Time
Southwest4421ArrivalChicago21:35 PM1:35 PMOn Time
Southwest449ArrivalPhoenix104:10 PM4:10 PMOn Time
Southwest451ArrivalAustin411:50 AM11:55 AMOn Time
Southwest4572ArrivalSan Francisco78:10 AM8:10 AMOn Time
Southwest4639ArrivalNashville52:25 PM2:25 PMOn Time
Southwest4747ArrivalOakland108:25 AM8:25 AMOn Time
Southwest4751ArrivalAtlanta94:10 PM4:10 PMOn Time
Southwest504ArrivalNew Orleans112:20 PM12:20 PMOn Time
Southwest505ArrivalLas Vegas58:40 AM8:40 AMOn Time
Southwest524ArrivalSacramento43:40 PM3:40 PMOn Time
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