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Effective June 5, 2014, all Delta Air Lines and affiliate flights, including flights to Los Angeles/LAX, will operate out of Terminal 2.

Airline Schedule Type Flight Number  
Airline Flight NumberTypeRouteGateSched TimeAct TimeRemarks
Southwest108ArrivalLas Vegas212:25 PM12:25 PMOn Time
Southwest1097ArrivalSacramento310:10 AM10:10 AMOn Time
Southwest119ArrivalOakland912:00 PM12:00 PMOn Time
Southwest1372ArrivalOakland1011:15 AM11:15 AMOn Time
Southwest1458ArrivalSan Jose84:05 PM4:05 PMOn Time
Southwest1530ArrivalSacramento63:25 PM3:25 PMOn Time
Southwest156ArrivalSeattle13:30 PM3:30 PMOn Time
Southwest1715ArrivalKansas City88:20 AM8:20 AMOn Time
Southwest174ArrivalSan Francisco33:00 PM3:00 PMOn Time
Southwest1762ArrivalLas Vegas1010:15 AM10:15 AMOn Time
Southwest1765ArrivalDenver21:25 PM1:25 PMOn Time
Southwest1775ArrivalOakland23:00 PM3:00 PMOn Time
Southwest1797ArrivalOakland102:05 PM2:05 PMOn Time
Southwest1896ArrivalBaltimore411:55 AM11:55 AMOn Time
Southwest2023ArrivalNew Orleans312:00 PM12:00 PMOn Time
Southwest2034ArrivalOakland1012:30 PM12:30 PMOn Time
Southwest2040ArrivalSan Jose11:10 PM1:10 PMOn Time
Southwest2063ArrivalDenver42:05 PM2:05 PMOn Time
Southwest2225ArrivalPhoenix61:35 PM1:35 PMOn Time
Southwest2238ArrivalSacramento18:50 AM8:50 AMOn Time
Southwest2290ArrivalSan Jose51:55 PM1:55 PMOn Time
Southwest230ArrivalNashville510:50 AM10:50 AMOn Time
Southwest2459ArrivalSan Jose710:45 AM10:45 AMOn Time
Southwest2470ArrivalTucson91:15 PM1:15 PMOn Time
Southwest2587ArrivalChicago910:35 AM10:35 AMOn Time
Southwest2630ArrivalPhoenix29:45 AM9:45 AMOn Time
Southwest2727ArrivalOrlando71:15 PM1:15 PMOn Time
Southwest2748ArrivalLas Vegas31:30 PM1:30 PMOn Time
Southwest2789ArrivalSeattle410:35 AM10:35 AMOn Time
Southwest2816ArrivalPhoenix72:55 PM2:55 PMOn Time
Southwest2822ArrivalLas Vegas811:25 AM11:25 AMOn Time
Southwest2825ArrivalSacramento612:30 PM12:30 PMOn Time
Southwest3214ArrivalChicago81:05 PM1:05 PMOn Time
Southwest3743ArrivalTucson610:50 AM10:50 AMOn Time
Southwest4284ArrivalSan Jose92:45 PM2:45 PMOn Time
Southwest437ArrivalPortland810:05 AM10:05 AMOn Time
Southwest446ArrivalPhoenix712:00 PM12:00 PMOn Time
Southwest4836ArrivalSan Francisco311:00 AM11:00 AMOn Time
Southwest4988ArrivalPhoenix110:40 AM10:40 AMOn Time
Southwest622ArrivalAustin210:35 AM10:35 AMOn Time
Southwest639ArrivalLas Vegas104:00 PM4:00 PMOn Time
Southwest654ArrivalSan Francisco99:00 AM9:00 AMOn Time
Southwest715ArrivalAlbuquerque710:00 AM10:00 AMOn Time
Southwest756ArrivalHouston69:55 AM9:55 AMOn Time
Southwest824ArrivalSan Francisco512:50 PM12:50 PMOn Time
Southwest961ArrivalSacramento111:45 AM11:45 AMOn Time
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