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Airline Schedule Type Flight Number  
Airline Flight NumberTypeRouteGateSched TimeAct TimeRemarks
Southwest1024ArrivalLas Vegas22:25 PM2:25 PMOn Time
Southwest1113ArrivalSan Francisco68:05 AM8:05 AMOn Time
Southwest1124ArrivalLas Vegas108:25 AM8:25 AMOn Time
Southwest1183ArrivalSacramento29:25 AM9:25 AMOn Time
Southwest1207ArrivalPhoenix71:35 PM1:35 PMOn Time
Southwest1224ArrivalNew Orleans912:05 PM12:05 PMOn Time
Southwest1315ArrivalReno89:40 AM9:40 AMOn Time
Southwest1333ArrivalBaltimore81:50 PM1:50 PMOn Time
Southwest1729ArrivalSan Antonio78:40 AM8:40 AMOn Time
Southwest18ArrivalLas Vegas611:45 AM11:45 AMOn Time
Southwest1826ArrivalSacramento62:30 PM2:30 PMOn Time
Southwest1837ArrivalKansas City512:40 PM12:40 PMOn Time
Southwest1931ArrivalOakland98:30 AM8:30 AMOn Time
Southwest2182ArrivalSan Francisco510:50 AM10:50 AMOn Time
Southwest2187ArrivalPhoenix112:20 PM12:20 PMOn Time
Southwest2208ArrivalSacramento412:55 PM12:55 PMOn Time
Southwest2279ArrivalHouston711:40 AM11:40 AMOn Time
Southwest2369ArrivalAtlanta710:35 AM10:35 AMOn Time
Southwest2378ArrivalSan Jose1011:35 AM11:35 AMOn Time
Southwest2429ArrivalLas Vegas110:40 AM10:40 AMOn Time
Southwest2617ArrivalTucson211:20 AM11:20 AMOn Time
Southwest2684ArrivalSan Jose18:45 AM8:45 AMOn Time
Southwest2686ArrivalPhoenix102:35 PM2:35 PMOn Time
Southwest2746ArrivalLas Vegas91:45 PM1:45 PMOn Time
Southwest2829ArrivalChicago411:30 AM11:30 AMOn Time
Southwest2870ArrivalSan Francisco51:45 PM1:45 PMOn Time
Southwest2883ArrivalSan Jose101:10 PM1:10 PMOn Time
Southwest2966ArrivalDenver410:00 AM10:00 AMOn Time
Southwest2995ArrivalPhoenix59:10 AM9:10 AMOn Time
Southwest3206ArrivalDenver73:05 PM3:05 PMOn Time
Southwest3256ArrivalOakland212:35 PM12:35 PMOn Time
Southwest3414ArrivalSacramento811:25 AM11:25 AMOn Time
Southwest4013ArrivalAlbuquerque1010:25 AM10:25 AMOn Time
Southwest4104ArrivalPhoenix910:50 AM10:50 AMOn Time
Southwest4293ArrivalOakland610:10 AM10:10 AMOn Time
Southwest875ArrivalOakland61:15 PM1:15 PMOn Time
Southwest972ArrivalDenver812:45 PM12:45 PMOn Time
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