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Effective June 5, 2014, all Delta Air Lines and affiliate flights, including flights to Los Angeles/LAX, will operate out of Terminal 2.

Airline Schedule Type Flight Number  
Airline Flight NumberTypeRouteGateSched TimeAct TimeRemarks
Air Canada1887ArrivalToronto228:57 PM9:17 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines233DepartureSeattle175:45 PM5:45 PMDeparted
Alaska Airlines2436DepartureMonterey166:55 PM6:55 PMDeparted
Alaska Airlines2469ArrivalSonoma 6:20 PM6:20 PM 
Alaska Airlines2555ArrivalPortland 8:53 PM8:53 PM 
Alaska Airlines2555DeparturePortland169:23 PM9:23 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines3484DepartureBoise167:25 PM7:25 PMBoarding
Alaska Airlines3484ArrivalBoise 7:25 PM7:25 PM 
Alaska Airlines484DepartureSeattle 10:29 PM10:29 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines486DepartureSeattle 8:24 PM8:24 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines486ArrivalSeattle 8:24 PM8:24 PM 
Alaska Airlines491DepartureSeattle187:35 PM7:35 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines494DepartureSeattle185:20 PM7:20 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines494ArrivalSeattle 5:20 PM6:05 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines579DeparturePortland156:05 PM6:05 PMDeparted
Alaska Airlines598ArrivalPortland 10:57 PM10:57 PM 
Alaska Airlines598DeparturePortland 9:57 PM9:57 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines717DepartureSalt Lake City137:55 PM7:55 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines769DepartureBoston 10:07 PM10:07 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines769ArrivalBoston 10:07 PM10:07 PM 
Alaska Airlines886DepartureKahului139:24 PM9:24 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines886ArrivalKahului 9:24 PM9:24 PM 
Alaska Airlines892DepartureHonolulu 11:52 PM11:52 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines892ArrivalHonolulu 11:52 PM11:52 PM 
American1015DepartureDallas295:05 PM5:05 PMDeparted
American1042DepartureMiami2710:30 PM10:30 PMOn Time
American1193ArrivalChicago3311:30 PM11:11 PMOn Time
American145ArrivalMiami2310:28 PM10:11 PMOn Time
American2484ArrivalDallas2711:15 PM11:15 PMOn Time
American2590DepartureLos Angeles18:05 PM8:05 PMOn Time
American2590ArrivalLos Angeles17:40 PM7:27 PMOn Time
American2611ArrivalLos Angeles110:20 PM10:20 PMOn Time
American2624DepartureLos Angeles16:10 PM6:10 PMDeparted
American2624ArrivalLos Angeles15:45 PM5:54 PMArrived
American37ArrivalDallas3110:00 PM9:41 PMOn Time
American49ArrivalDallas326:40 PM6:37 PMArrived
American71ArrivalDallas298:30 PM8:12 PMOn Time
American93ArrivalChicago307:45 PM7:36 PMOn Time
American95ArrivalNew York278:15 PM9:00 PMOn Time
British Airways272DepartureLondon Heathrow208:30 PM8:30 PMOn Time
British Airways273ArrivalLondon Heathrow 6:40 PM6:40 PMArrived
Delta1248DepartureDetroit477:02 AM7:02 AMOn Time
Delta1499DepartureNew York517:00 AM7:00 AMOn Time
Delta1567ArrivalAtlanta369:21 PM9:24 PMOn Time
Delta1592DepartureAtlanta486:30 AM6:30 AMOn Time
Delta1635ArrivalDetroit519:34 PM9:23 PMOn Time
Delta1864DepartureMinneapolis376:45 AM6:45 AMOn Time
Delta1909ArrivalSalt Lake City499:36 PM9:41 PMOn Time
Delta2078DepartureSalt Lake City495:20 PM5:20 PMDeparted
Delta2208DepartureAtlanta5110:30 PM10:25 PMOn Time
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