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Hey, kids! Your airport adventure starts here! Whether you are sitting in a classroom, hanging out at home, or even buckled in on an airplane, we've created a number of books that will transport you to high-flying fun!

The Airport Explorers is so excited to offer you a bunch of new items to purchase right here! These are so fun! Collect them all, or just grab a T-Shirt or authentic Lunchbox! Whatever you choose, you'll definitely impress your friends!

Official Airport Explorers T-Shirt
100% cotton
Retro Metal Lunchbox
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Backpack Pins | Set of 6
Get your limited edition backpack pins. Set of 6!
Toy Back Hoe
Be a part of the Airport's Expansion Team with your own back hoe. This tiny replica is just like the ones building the new terminal expansion!
Airport Explorers Card Deck
Play cards and have fun with aviation at the same time. Oversized playing cards - great deal!
Inflatable Plane
The original "air" plane. Just inflate and fly! Thsi popular item is suitable for outdoor, pool or bathtub playtime. Get a whole fleet!

Educators: download free curriculum and classroom activities based on the book!
You can also download the airport's Activity Book curriculum here.

Below are sample pages you can print and use to learn more about aviation and airport-related activities. For more fun, buy the complete Airport Explorers Activity Book above!

Cover of the Airport Explorers Activity Book Inside cover of the Airport Explorers Activity Book Page 1 of the Airport Explorers Activity Book Page 2 of the Airport Explorers Activity Book Page 3 of the Airport Explorers Activity Book Page 4 of the Airport Explorers Activity Book
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