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Cell Phone Lot

The Airport Authority offers a cell phone waiting lot for parking, free of charge, as a temporary way-station for motorists picking up passengers at the airport. Motorists can avoid looping past the terminals and around airport roadways by waiting in the newly expanded 97-space parking lot.

Once contact is made between the driver and incoming passenger, motorists can proceed to the terminals, cutting congestion in front of the terminal buildings during peak travel times. The cell phone waiting lot is located at 2751 North Harbor Drive, just east of the Airport Authority administrative offices.

Features include:

  • 97 parking spaces
  • Food/drink vending machines
  • Flight information displays
  • Portable restrooms

The cell phone lot is self-monitored, but signage with clear instructions is posted at the entrance and along North Harbor Drive. When parking in the cell phone lot, vehicles must be turned off and attended at all times, and the maximum wait time is 60 minutes. The cell phone lot is available for use 24 hours a day.